What is HeadCheck?

HeadCheck is an innovative mobile and web-based platform that gives medical and non-medical personnel the appropriate tools to follow any concussion protocol, integrates all individuals involved in concussion care, and allows the data collected to be analyzed for health and safety improvements.

Licensed healthcare professionals are able to use HeadCheck to perform concussion testing required by their protocol. Non-medical personnel such as coaches, safety officers, and supervisors are able to use HeadCheck to report on all suspected concussions and transfer important information to medical professionals to assist in their assessment.

Report and assess suspected concussions

Once HeadCheck is configured to a specific concussion protocol, individuals responsible for reporting concussions and those for assessing concussions are given access to a mobile app available on all iOS and Android phones and tablets.

Enhance and improve medical management

A powerful web panel builds upon the functionality of the mobile app and allows for more thorough management including staff, testing controls, reporting, and more.

Advance protocols with data analytics

HeadCheck provides customized reports based on aggregate and team-specific data analytics to help identify gaps, trends, and areas for player safety improvement. The company will regularly review reporting with administrators to ensure compliance to their concussion protocol.

Ensure success with expert support and services

Beyond the software platform, HeadCheck has a dedicated team to help guide you through onboarding and management of your concussion protocol. Our team will help set you up for success and better allocate your time and energy to focusing on your athletes.

HeadCheck is not a tool to be used for self-diagnosis or for non-medical professionals to diagnose concussions. It is recommended that when a medical professional is not present, all athletes suspected of a concussion should be removed from play and sent to a medical professional to complete a full assessment and make a diagnosis based on their clinical judgment.

HeadCheck is a secure system featuring HIPAA & PIPEDA compliant data encryption meaning test data is protected and only shared with authorized individuals.

Note: A French language version of HeadCheck is available if you adjust your phone settings.

Why HeadCheck?

Follow best practices for documenting and assessing concussions. Integrate all individuals involved in the concussion care of an athlete. Create a digital record of how all suspected concussions were handled. Identify any gaps by reviewing reporting and actionable insights into areas for potential safety improvement.

  • Complete Onboarding: We work with you to customize our solution to meet your requirements, set up athlete profiles, staff accounts, and conduct technology training
  • Concussion Documentation: Team personnel are trained to use HeadCheck’s app to document suspected concussions during removal from play
  • Concussion Assessment: Licensed healthcare professionals (such as certified athletic trainers) can use HeadCheck to conduct full concussion assessments
  • Care Integration: Clinics and care providers are notified when a suspected concussion occurs and can access the collected information
  • Medical Clearance: Athletes marked with a diagnosed concussion will not be removed from that list until a medical clearance note is uploaded to their profile
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