What is HeadCheck?

HeadCheck is a software-based solution for proactive sports leagues and organizations that works with existing concussion protocols to help reduce risk, ensure compliance, and improve athlete recovery. A secure, centralized platform with user-specific tools eases communication, advances concussion management, and optimizes care.

  • Real-time oversight for leaders and adminstrators
  • Built-in tools to assist healthcare professionals
  • Easy-to-use reporting for coaches and volunteers
  • Data collection and analysis to improve player safety
  • Services to set you up for success

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HeadCheck is not a tool to be used for self-diagnosis or for non-medical professionals to diagnose concussions. It is recommended that when a medical professional is not present, all athletes suspected of a concussion should be removed from play and sent to a medical professional to complete a full assessment and make a diagnosis based on their clinical judgment.

HeadCheck is a secure system featuring HIPAA & PIPEDA compliant data encryption meaning test data is protected and only shared with authorized individuals.

Note: A French language version of HeadCheck is available if you adjust your phone settings.

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