What is HeadCheck?

HeadCheck Health has developed software and services that improve the way concussions are assessed, tracked and managed at all levels of sport. Our goal is to create a safer environment of play by giving better tools to the individuals responsible for documenting and assessing concussions and providing better data to administrators to make real health and safety improvements.

Mobile app

Document suspected concussions, review an athlete's concussion history and perform the type of testing required by your concussion policy via a mobile app available on iOS and Android devices. The app features comparable data allowing for more informed data-driven decisions and is customized to the specifications of your concussion policy.

Web dashboard

A web dashboard builds upon the features of the mobile app and allows team and league personnel to monitor concussion policy adherence, manage athlete data and review testing activity.

Actionable reporting

HeadCheck provides leagues and organizations with customized reports based on aggregate and team-specific data analytics to help identify gaps, trends, and areas for player safety improvement.

Full onboarding

The HeadCheck team will guide you through the onboarding and training process to set up our software to meet the exact requirements of your concussion policy and organizational structure.

HeadCheck is a secure system featuring HIPAA & PIPEDA compliant data encryption meaning test data is protected and only shared with authorized individuals.

Note: A French language version of HeadCheck is available if you adjust your phone settings.

Why HeadCheck?

The HeadCheck app is customized for use by licensed medical professionals to perform gold-standard concussion assessments and for non-medical professionals such as safety personnel and supervisors to document suspected concussions. That information can be easily shared with medical professionals to assist in their evaluation and diagnosis of a concussion.

HeadCheck is not a tool to be used for self-diagnosis or for non-medical professionals to diagnose concussions. It is recommended that when a medical professional is not present, all athletes suspected of a concussion should be removed from play and sent to a medical professional to complete a full assessment and make a diagnosis based on their clinical judgment.

  • TEST: Run unlimited baseline and post-injury concussion assessments using a mobile app.
  • TRACK: Easily access an athlete's concussion history including instant test comparisons and medical clearance notes.
  • SHARE: Securely share test results via password-protected links with authorized individuals.
  • MANAGE: Keep track of all the data collected via a web panel and monitor the effectiveness of your concussion policy.
  • ANALYZE: Customized reporting and data analysis are provided to help administrators make data-driven athlete health and safety decisions.
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