We partner with companies and organizations who help support better outcomes for athletes.

Our partners all share one thing in common—a passion for protecting athletes who put themselves at risk to chase their dreams. From other software companies to not-for-profit organizations, our partners may be able to help you do more for your athletes.

MindRight for Athletes Society

MindRight helps promote wellness and positive living for young people through increasing community awareness and making use of existing mental health resources.

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Rugby Safety Network

The Rugby Safety Network, developed by Jamie and Jennifer Cudmore, aims to fully study concussion to find better ways to protect, support, and educate players.

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ImPACT, an FDA-cleared online tool for baseline and post-injury testing, measures visual and verbal memory, reaction time, and processing speed to help determine if patients can safely return to activity.

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Concussion Talk

Concussion Talk began in 2010 when founder Nick Mercer decided to share his experience with life after a traumatic brain injury. In 2015, he started the Concussion Talk Podcast.

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Promoting Sport Health on the strength of the Best People, Best Practices, and Best Programs in Sport Medicine, Sport Science, and Sport Training.

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