HeadCheck Hub is a centralized platform for clinics and licensed healthcare professionals to elevate their concussion care, better connect with patients, and manage their recovery. Pay only for what you need, when you need it.

  • Replace paper-based assessments and notes from baseline to Return to Play
  • Communicate with patients throughout recovery process
  • Provide more connected concussion care to your local community
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Smart. Scalable. Secure.

  • Conduct best practice assessments via web or smartphone app
  • Create a secure, portable electronic concussion health records
  • Meet government health privacy standards, such as HIPAA, PIPEDA & FERPA
  • Build in your own Return To Play, School, Work, and Life Protocols
  • Automate home self-evaluations with patients
  • Easily and securely share results with guardians or other care providers

For Clinic Owners

01 Ready When You Are

  • Intuitive, user-friendly app and web platform designed for clinicians
  • Training videos and support get you going
  • Pay-as-you-go for profiles and users

02 Optimize Your Practice

  • Worry-free electronic record management
  • Can connect and integrate with other systems and software
  • Spend less time on paperwork, leaving more time to focus on patients

03 Elevate Your Tech

  • Use the system trusted by hundreds of organizations and thousands of athletes
  • Provide your staff with the tools they want
  • Contribute to portable concussion history for patients

For Healthcare Professionals

01 Baseline through Return-to-Play

  • Built to enhance your procedures
  • Replaces paper-based assessments and notes
  • Keeps you compliant with league, government, and privacy policies

02 Improved Data for Informed Decisions

  • Maintain all relevant medical and concussion history in one spot
  • Easily compare post-injury test results
  • Enhance the quality and usability of data collected

03 Focus On Care

  • Simplify communication with other care providers
  • Receive alerts when injuries occur and when action is required
  • Automate symptom check-ins with injured patients

For Local Patients or Teams

01 Baseline through Return-to-Play

  • Centralize your data and care through your local clinic
  • Enable crucial multi-disciplinary concussion care
  • Streamline communication among care providers

02 Portable Health Records

  • Compatible system used by local teams and organizations
  • Share results with your doctor, securely
  • Access your records when you need them

03 Your Data, Protected

  • HIPAA-compliant system
  • Encrypted and secure data
  • Accessible only by authorized healthcare professionals

Wondering if HeadCheck Hub is right for you? Here’s what’s included:

  • Gold-standard assessments
  • Automated symptom checks
  • Customizable Return-To-Play Module
  • Dynamic alerts and notifications
  • Secure results sharing
  • Staff and patient management

Elevate your care

Get the platform to help you do more for your patients. Find out how HeadCheck Hub can work for your practice.

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