CrashCourse: Concussion Education

What is CrashCourse?

CrashCourse is a video-based interactive learning experience for students, parents, coaches, officials, and youth sports organizations. It was designed in collaboration with leading national subject matter experts and evaluated using rigorous qualitative and quantitative research methods across a number of studies. All research was conducted through Stanford University and formally approved by their Institutional Review Board.


  • Synthesizes multiple perspectives to inform and motivate learning about concussion signs and symptoms
  • Available online as a standard video and in virtual reality
  • Course Completion Certification available for athletes, parents and coaches

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CrashCourse + HEADCHECK

Reimagine Your Education

Developed alongside leading medical, education, engineering, and science researchers and with input from their world-class coaches and student-athletes, CrashCourse offers a unique educational experience that helps correct common myths and misconceptions to help better recognize and address symptoms of a concussion.

Elevate Your Organization

Parents, coaches, and athletes can interact with the CrashCourse content online through the HEADCHECK platform, at no additional cost. The result is a best-in-class system that connects all aspects of concussion education, reporting, and management.

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