This easy-to-use app helps guide volunteers through concussion action plans and incident reports without having to rely on outdated, paper-based methods. Policies and protocols are constantly evolving — support your volunteers and coaches with tools that can keep up.

  • Built for grassroots associations and teams
  • Reduces the burden on volunteers and keeps athletes safe
  • Provides real-time updates on an injured athlete’s eligibility
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Proven Safety Results

Automated. Safe. Secure.

  • Customize to your governing body’s concussion policy and injury reports
  • Streamline volunteer training with an intuitive guide to your protocol
  • Digitally track all injuries and incidents
  • Distribute and track completion of forms and educational resources
  • Meet government health privacy standards, such as HIPAA, PIPEDA & FERPA
  • Audit and check for compliance at any time

Wondering if HEADCHECK MANAGER is right for you? Here’s what’s included:

  • Pre and Post-Game Checks
  • Autofilled Injury Report Forms
  • Eligibility Dashboard
  • Medical Clearance Forms and E-Signatures
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Guardian Access

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For Governing Bodies

01 Prioritize Athlete Safety

  • Know when, where, and how injuries occur in your organization
  • Safely and securely communicate health information across care providers
  • Ensure athletes receive medical clearance before returning to play

02 Support Your People

  • Continue to modernize your systems
  • Streamline injury, concussion, and information sharing 
  • Reduce injury risk with player eligibility checks

03 Gain Strategic Oversight

  • Receive automated, easily shareable injury and concussion reports
  • Create an electronic paper trail of all incidents
  • Make the game safer using insights from data collected

For Associations

01 Focus On What Matters

  • Convenient smartphone app saves time and streamlines concussion protocols and injury reporting
  • Stay HIPAA, FERPA, and PIPEDA compliant with secure health information storage
  • Keep safety providers engaged with simple pregame and postgame checks

02 Your Process, Simplified

  • Intuitive app guides users through the injury-reporting process
  • Eliminate guesswork and reduce reliance on memory for complex processes
  • Easily integrate multiple teams in one place

03 You're Covered

  • Easily confirm volunteer compliance with protocol
  • Give access or share collected information with guardians
  • Clear medical consent forms help make sure your athletes return to play safely

For Volunteers, Managers, and Coaches

01 Follow the Game Plan

  • Guided protocol helps you focus during emotionally charged incidents
  • Clear next steps mean you always know what’s next
  • Easily log injuries or upload Return To Play consent forms

02 Simplified Process

  • Replace tedious paperwork with an easy-to-follow digital process, accessible right from your smartphone
  • Easily log required reports via e-signature
  • Safely and securely share health information with those who need it

03 Everything at your Fingertips

  • View list of ineligible athletes
  • Review player injury history 
  • Log player medical conditions

More information for those considering HEADCHECK MANAGER…

Concussion Action Plan

Before the season begins, sports teams should have a concussion action plan in place. It may even be subject to the league’s guidelines. But even if a league isn’t providing a protocol, it’s important to know the plan ahead of time. A dedicated concussion action plan empowers you to execute quickly and easily in the unfortunate event of a suspected head injury. 

The HEADCHECK MANAGER app gives non-medical personnel, including coaches, easy access to up-to-date information so that you can immediately enact your concussion action plan. Remember, suspected concussions can come from seemingly minor blows and without the loss of consciousness.(1)

A concussion action plan should include:(2)

  • Responding immediately to any head trauma
  • Seeking medical attention
  • Watching for additional symptoms
  • Sitting the athlete out until they are medically cleared by a trained professional


For non-medical personnel, such as coaches or volunteers, having support from an app platform with updated policies and protocols can assist you to help keep your athletes safe. HEADCHECK allows you to: 

  • Record initial concussion signs and symptoms after a potential head injury 
  • Share the initial injury report with medical professionals, the athlete and their parent/guardian (if applicable) for easier diagnosis and better follow up
  • Get real-time updates on an athlete’s return-to-play eligibility

Concussion Test for Coaches

As a coach, you train the athletes, create a culture of teamwork, and work diligently to protect and keep them safe. You’re also usually the first to respond to an injury. But how can you identify a suspected concussion without being a medical professional? Using HEADCHECK MANAGER can support non-medical personnel in the identification of a suspected concussion before medical staff can be consulted. The concussion test for coaches on the app platform can:

  • Prompt you to identify immediate red flags, such as vomiting, headaches, dizziness, or loss of consciousness.
  • Provide guiding questions to ask to assist in evaluating cognition.
  • Bring attention to physical changes such as blurred vision, sensitivity to sound, and more.
  • Ensure important symptoms, such as headache, feeling slowed down and fatigue, are recorded for easier diagnosis by medical professionals.

Remember, only a medical professional can diagnose a concussion. If an athlete returns to play too soon, a second concussion (second impact syndrome) could be sustained with more serious repercussions.

When in doubt, sit them out.


What is the Immediate Concussion Treatment Plan?

Whether you’re the coach, a volunteer, or a guardian, a suspected concussion should be treated promptly and handled as if it were a concussion. The immediate treatment for a concussion focuses on rest, avoiding a second impact, and symptom management.

Symptom management as part of the immediate concussion treatment plan may include treating the following: (3)

  • Pain (ask your medical provider for the recommended medication to reduce pain without increasing a risk of bleeding.)
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Blurry vision

Relative mental and physical rest allow the brain to begin to heal. In the first 48 hours of a concussion, athletes should do the following:

  • Limit physical activity
  • Limit activities that require thinking and mental concentration, including
    • Reading
    • Schoolwork
    • Screen time (text, computer, video games, watching TV)
  • Avoid activities that involve risks of impacts to the head or body

After 24-48 hours (depending on protocol), you can begin to gradually reintroduce physical and mental activities, as long as they do not trigger symptoms. To ensure a quick recovery and a safe return to sport, a qualified medical professional should be consulted promptly for diagnosis and guidance on gradual return to work, school, and sport.


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