This modern, easy-to-use app helps guide non-medical staff through complex concussion protocols and injury reports without having to rely on outdated, paper-based methods. Policies and protocols are constantly evolving — support your volunteers and coaches with tools that can keep up.

  • Supported by medical professionals, built for amateur associations and teams
  • Reduces the burden on volunteers and keeps athletes safe
  • Provides real-time updates on an injured athlete’s eligibility to return to play
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Automated. Safe. Secure.

  • Tailor to match governing body’s concussion policy and injury reports
  • Streamline volunteer training with an intuitive guide to your protocol
  • Digitally track all injuries and incidents
  • Distribute and track completion of forms and educational resources
  • Meet government health privacy standards, such as HIPAA, PIPEDA & FERPA
  • Audit and check for compliance at any time

For Governing Bodies

01 Prioritize Athlete Safety

  • Know when/where/how injuries occur in your organization
  • Safely and securely communicate health information across care providers
  • Ensure players receive medical clearance before returning to play

02 Support Your People

  • Continue to modernize your systems
  • Streamline injury, concussion, and information sharing 
  • Reduce injury risk with player eligibility checks

03 Gain Strategic Oversight

  • Receive automated, easily shareable injury and concussion reports
  • Create an electronic paper trail of all incidents
  • Make the game safer using insights from data collected

For Associations

01 Focus On What Matters

  • Convenient smartphone app saves time and streamlines concussion protocols and injury reporting
  • Stay HIPAA, FERPA, and PIPEDA compliant with secure health information storage
  • Keep safety providers engaged with simple pregame and postgame checks

02 Your Process, Simplified

  • Intuitive app guides users through the injury-reporting process
  • Eliminate guesswork and reduce reliance on memory for complex processes
  • Easily integrate multiple teams in one place

03 You're Covered

  • Easily confirm volunteer compliance with protocol
  • Give access or share collected information with guardians
  • Clear medical consent forms help make sure your athletes return to play safely

For Volunteers, Managers, and Coaches

01 Follow the Game Plan

  • Guided protocol helps you focus during emotionally charged incidents
  • Clear next steps mean you always know what’s next
  • Easily log injuries or upload Return To Play consent forms

02 Simplified Process

  • Replace tedious paperwork with an easy-to-follow digital process, accessible right from your smartphone
  • Easily log required reports via e-signature
  • Safely and securely share health information with those who need it

03 Everything at your Fingertips

  • View list of ineligible athletes
  • Review player injury history 
  • Log player medical conditions

Wondering if HeadCheck Manager is right for you? Here’s what’s included:

  • Pre and Post-Game Checks
  • Autofilled Injury Report Forms
  • Eligibility Dashboard
  • Medical Clearance Forms and E-Signatures
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Guardian Access

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