Our flagship system for sports leagues and organizations with medical personnel, HeadCheck Pro is tailored to your concussion protocol to help sideline personnel conduct digital baseline and post-injury assessments, ease collaborative care with medical staff, and provide protocol compliance oversight for league executives.

  • Trusted by top leagues and medical professionals
  • Streamlines all necessary testing and documentation
  • Enables control of player safety like never before
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Continuity. Insight. Control.

  • Matched to your protocol and structure
  • Create a secure electronic paper trail
  • Maintain consistency through personnel changes
  • Monitor incidents in real-time
  • Meet government health privacy standards, such as HIPAA, PIPEDA & FERPA
  • Audit and check compliance at any time

For Executives

01 Ready When You Are

  • Works with your organization’s existing structure and protocol
  • Concussion education and awareness materials
  • Easily integrates with your systems and software

02 Complete Protocol Visibility

  • Real-time protocol monitoring
  • Monthly reports to monitor testing activity
  • Highlights areas for improvement

03 Your Data, Your Decisions

  • Ensure all players receive medical clearance before returning to play
  • Leverage data-driven insights to elevate safety standards
  • Monitor trends organization-wide

For Medical Staff

01 Your Protocols, Your Way

  • Select your preferred tests
  • Customize to your specifications
  • Integrate with other software, like roster and EMR

02 Portable, Secure Data

  • Alerts and notifications at every step
  • Control access and meet health and personal information privacy standards
  • Available across web and all devices, including iOS and Android

03 Back To Health, Safely

  • Guide players through your organization’s protocol
  • Collaborate with appropriate access across care providers
  • Implement, monitor, and modify protocols league-wide 

For Athletic Trainers and Therapists

01 Baseline through Return-to-Play

  • Built to match your protocol
  • Replaces paper-based assessments and notes
  • Keeps you compliant with league, government, and privacy policies

02 Improved Data for Informed Decisions

  • Maintain all relevant medical and concussion history in one spot
  • Easily compare tests against previous results
  • Enhance data collection with timers and error counters

03 Focus On Care

  • Simplify communication with other care providers
  • Stay informed with alerts and notifications
  • Automate symptom check-ins with injured players


Wondering if HeadCheck Pro is right for you? Here’s what’s included:

  • Gold-standard assessments
  • Secure results sharing
  • Customizable Return-To-Play modules
  • Dynamic alerts and notifications
  • Automated symptom checks
  • Reporting and analytics

At HeadCheck, we're as committed to athlete safety as you are. Our services help set you up for success.

  • Comprehensive onboarding and support from our customer success team, including preloaded team rosters and help transferring player data
  • Premium baseline testing with trained medical professionals
  • Live HeadCheck technology training

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