Rugby Ontario teams up with HeadCheck Health to improve concussion care for provincial athletes


TORONTO – Rugby Ontario is proud to announce a new partnership with HeadCheck Health Inc. (‘HeadCheck’) to implement innovative concussion testing software for Rugby Ontario’s Sevens and XVs Representative Teams.

HeadCheck provides sports organizations with concussion testing software to enhance the implementation and management of their concussion policy. A mobile testing app includes the policy’s concussion tests and leads to faster and more data-driven assessments. An enhanced web dashboard allows for easier and more thorough management of the concussion data collected. In addition to the software, the company provides custom reporting to help organizations continuously improve their policies and procedures.

“The safety and maintenance of our athletes is our number one concern,” explained Paul Connelly, High Performance Manager of Rugby Ontario. “To be able to have our trained SportSide Athletic Therapists assess our athletes immediately, while having access to the most updated personal data is an invaluable tool.”

“We are pleased to partner with a great organization in Rugby Ontario to implement our technology and help raise the standard of concussion care for all athletes,” said Harrison Brown, Co-Founder and CEO of HeadCheck Health.

The partnership will equip Rugby Ontario team therapists with HeadCheck on their mobile devices to perform concussion testing on all athletes participating in provincial activities. In addition to supplying Rugby Ontario with the HeadCheck technology, the company will also provide full training, onboarding, and data management support to the organization. The implementation of HeadCheck will allow Rugby Ontario officials to easily monitor the effectiveness of their concussion policy.

About HeadCheck Health, Inc.
HeadCheck provides sports teams, leagues and organizations with a comprehensive concussion testing and management solution. This includes mobile technology to run concussion assessments, an enhanced web management dashboard, and custom reporting. The platform includes today’s gold standard concussion tests and is flexible enough to incorporate the tests specified by any organization’s concussion policy. The technology provides comparable data to help medical professionals make appropriate concussion management decisions. All data is securely stored for convenient 24/7 access and can follow the athlete to all future sports and teams. For more information on HeadCheck Health please visit

About Rugby Ontario
Rugby Ontario is the provincial sports governing body responsible for the organization of rugby in Ontario. Our mission is to lead the sport of rugby in Ontario into a new era of growth through increased participation, community involvement, sound administration and successful player development. Our vision is to establish a stronger identity for rugby in Ontario by promoting the sport’s core values and by fostering a culture of inclusiveness and excellence on and off the field of play. Rugby Ontario is a proud member of Rugby Canada and is extremely proud to be part of the pathway to representing Canada on the international stage. For more information on Rugby Ontario please visit

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