Rugby Players to Receive Improved Concussion Care from HeadCheck Health and Rugby Safety Network Partnership


HeadCheck Health and Rugby Safety Network align to provide concussion testing and education to every level of rugby

HeadCheck Health (“HeadCheck”) and Rugby Safety Network (“RSN”) today announced a new
partnership to improve player health and welfare in the game of rugby by making standardized
concussion testing and education available to players at all levels of the sport.

“Combining knowledge of the game with technology is the next step in player welfare,” said Jamie
Cudmore, Co-Founder of RSN. “Having the records available is one side of the equation and we will fill
in the other side with the education, training and support a player’s needs based on the injuries and
records that HeadCheck shows.”

RSN was founded by Jamie & Jennifer Cudmore following Jamie’s personal experiences with
successive on-field concussions and the consequential symptoms he suffered. RSN was formed with
the dual aims of providing support to players and their families during and after their rugby careers
and to further educate players, parents, coaches and all involved within the rugby community about
head injuries and concussion.

“We’re very excited to be partnering with the Rugby Safety Network, reflecting our mutual passion for
improving concussion care in rugby,” said Harrison Brown, Co-Founder, and CEO of HeadCheck. “We
look forward to working closely with RSN to improve and standardize the level of concussion education,
awareness, testing, and support across the sport. Every rugby player deserves quality concussion care,
regardless of their age or level of play.”

Based in Canada, HeadCheck developed a system for standardized concussion testing across all
sports. With the correct implementation of HeadCheck by a team or organization the overall aim is
to have a reduction in concussion mismanagement benefitting both the athlete and the organization.
The system includes a mobile app for sideline testing, a web-based admin panel and customized

The partnership between RSN and HeadCheck will present a team with a holistic approach to player
welfare by promoting a combination of testing, generated reports and statistics together with the
educational information, training and supports a player requires both to mitigate the risks of
sustaining a concussion and to deal with any injuries suffered. The combination of educational, training
and support materials provided by RSN with the testing technology, player management, and data
analysis of HeadCheck will provide the sport of rugby with a safer field of play into the future.

Our mutual aim is to get firmly ahead of the game when it comes to head injuries and to continually
drive forward player welfare at all times through the use of all available resources, be they
technological, educations or otherwise.

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