HeadCheck Health Announces the Appointment of New Board Member Specialized in Insurance


Respected sports insurance executive brings her deep understanding of the industry to better player safety.

Vancouver, BC. HeadCheck Health, Inc. (‘HeadCheck’) a leading tech-enabled provider of concussion protocol management for sports organizations, announced today the appointment of Gina Bennett to the Company’s Board of Directors.

Bennett is a 34-year insurance industry veteran, holding both a Chartered Insurance Professional and Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker designation. She has led in a variety of Senior and Executive roles in the insurance world with extensive experience in brokerage, underwriting, and Managing General Agent (MGA) operations, including a period as President of an MGA wholly focused on sport, leisure, and recreational clients. Currently, Gina is a Managing Partner at EQUA Specialty Risk Partners Corporation, leading EQUA’s wholesale division.

“Gina is one of Canada’s most respected sports insurance Executives. She brings tremendous experience and perspective to our Board of Directors,” said HeadCheck CEO Harrison Brown. “HeadCheck is ready to support sports organizations to better protect their players from the negative impacts of poor concussion management through strategic initiatives in the insurance industry, and Gina is the expert who will help us achieve this.”

The insurance industry is closely watching risk management protocols and loss control activities of sports organizations. The guidelines that policyholders have in place are greatly considered when underwriters are developing terms and conditions and rates for insurance in today’s landscape more so than ever. Sport organizations that use HeadCheck’s technology will give insurers confidence when reviewing submissions for contact or collision sports where there is a higher risk for concussion.

A strong leader of people, Gina has influenced regions and sectors, including underwriting and broking teams. Her strategic focus and ability to develop unique solutions for clients in the sports world has allowed her to build strong, mutually beneficial relationships with Governing Bodies and individual sports Associations to insurance brokers, carriers, and adjusters. Gina’s experience will help position HeadCheck to expand the reach of its platform, better navigate the rapidly changing sports insurance market, while also supporting higher safety standards for its current customer segments.

“I’m excited to see the impact we’ll be able to make at HeadCheck Health,” said Bennett. “I see so much potential for HeadCheck to improve player safety at all levels of sport through strategic work in the insurance world.”

Having been approved by the British Columbia Ministry of Finance, Gina also shows her commitment to the insurance industry through her role as a non-voting member of the Insurance Council of British Columbia and convenes on investigative review committees.

About HeadCheck Health, Inc.

At HeadCheck Health, our goal is simple: we want to prevent mismanaged head injuries. Our tools help all those involved in the identification, management, and care of a suspected concussion.

Whether at the amateur or professional level, HeadCheck’s end-to-end solutions enable organizations of all types and sizes to execute their current concussion protocols, support athlete recovery, and mitigate risk.

Join the wave of over 3,000 progressive organizations that HeadCheck Health empowers to make a difference in player safety, from professional sports leagues like Major League Soccer, the Canadian Football League, and the Canadian Junior Hockey League to your community’s sports teams and clinics::

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