Case Studies

Case Study: East Vancouver Sports & Rehabilitation Clinic


How EVSRC Made Baseline Concussion Testing More Efficient and Affordable with HeadCheck

Grounded in the pursuit of movement, sport, and achievement, East Vancouver Sports & Rehabilitation Clinic (EVSRC) are champions of concussion management when it comes to supporting athletes in their local community.

Working with hockey, soccer, baseball and football associations, EVSRC follow an evidence-based treatment approach when one of their athletes suffers a concussion. Using an industry-leading platform, HeadCheck helps clinics elevate their concussion care and better connect with their patients.

Enter HeadCheck

Looking for a solution to help with baseline testing athletes, Clinic Owner Matt Holtzmann implemented HeadCheck to streamline what is traditionally a time-consuming and redundant process.

The addition of this tool to his current practice ensured that EVSRC were staying on their ‘A’ game with

  • conducting best-practice concussion assessments & baseline testings
  • delivering personalized treatment plans
  • managing their athletes and patients throughout their recovery

Baseline Testing Day

Using HeadCheck’s digital platform, EVSRC followed a ‘divide and conquer set-up’ approach for tackling the baseline tests for the elite youth hockey teams they work with.

EVSRC started by sectioning off these athletes in groups to go through SCAT5 baseline assessments.

Next, multiple healthcare professionals were placed at different stations within the clinic, all equipped with the HeadCheck app.

This set-up enabled EVSRC to ‘conquer’ more baseline tests efficiently using a centralized app that sync’d each stationed healthcare professional.

The elimination of paper forms and the app’s simple design helped guide healthcare professionals through each step of an assessment, enabling EVSRC to complete 35 baseline tests in under an hour.

The Value

For Clinics: Efficiency

Upon completing baseline testing, EVSRC were provided with athlete data in the event of any concussion. According to Matt, HeadCheck helped ‘standardize a very important yet pester process’ for his clinic.

For Associations and Teams: Compliance

Accurate and fully completed baseline tests were securely stored on all athletes. EVSRC were equipped with a tool that gathered all critical information for baseline tests efficiently. This ensured that teams met the requirements of their associations.

For Parents/Guardians: Cost-savings

Parents/guardians dropped their child off at the clinic for baseline testing and picked them up when it was complete. Upon arrival, parents/guardians received digital access to their child’s test results. Through HeadCheck, costs are cut because these baseline test results can be used to meet any other sport association requirements. For the clinic, they’re able to get more people through and provide that baseline test for them.

Helping their “clients and athletes, whether that is through recovery from injury, return to sport, or supporting enhanced performance goals,” EVSRC conducts best-practice assessments and baseline testing with tools like HeadCheck Hub.