Why Concussion Protocol Implementation Is Ineffective


What we’ve learned and how we’re solving the problem of mismanaged concussion protocols

Concussion protocols are essential and well-intentioned. But they have a lot of moving parts. 

New tests for concussions are continuously being developed, along with new ways to identify head injuries. 

Then there are the policies, athletes, parents, trainers, health care providers, forms, medical care, access, and digital tools — to name just a few aspects that make up the new complex protocols.

You want to be part of the solution. So you’re doing your part. Your organization has adopted a concussion management protocol.

But is it being implemented properly? 

Would you even know how to assess whether it was being implemented correctly? 

Can you reasonably be expected to perform concussion protocol implementation and assessment on your own

If you answered “No” to any of these questions, you’re not alone. Despite the development of these new protocols, over half of concussions are still mismanaged. [1]

You’re already managing a complex organization that provides a valuable service to your community. Athletes, coaches, trainers, staff, facilities, parents, games, and schedules, fill your plate, along with the business side of keeping your organization going. 

Safety has to be a priority, but concussion management can be a full-time job.

Stop trying to implement concussion protocols on your own. HeadCheck is addressing the problem of concussion in a new way. 

We are NOT changing the concussion protocol or evidence-based tests you already use.

HeadCheck is solving the problem of mismanaged concussion protocols.

We make it easy to:

  • follow your protocol
  • assess shortcomings, and
  • identify fixes to concussion protocol implementation. 

Concussion policies will continue to fall short until administrators can properly manage their implementation.

And don’t you want more time to get on with the business of managing your organization?

To see why HeadCheck’s systemic approach to concussion management is so essential, let’s dig a little deeper into what improperly implemented protocols are costing you.

Concussion Checklist For Parents and Athletes

Impacts of Protocol Implementation Failure

The NFL’s legendary $1 billion concussion settlement has been an awakening to the industry. Concussion lawsuits at the professional level are trickling down into high school and community sports. [2] [3]

By adopting concussion protocols, your organization is expressing a commitment to following them. It’s also essential that you can prove you followed them. Any shortcoming in their implementation is an opening for you to suffer a financial and legal impact through lawsuits and reputational costs. 

Moreover, there’s a human impact. Athletes have had their lives ruined. Families and friends have suffered tremendously. Kids especially are more susceptible to brain injury, and concussions have implications even beyond what was initially thought. [5]

But the good news? These problems are solvable.

Activate Concussion Protocols with HeadCheck Health

The HeadCheck enables your organization to execute, manage, and audit concussion policies.

Policy execution and testing software has come a long way, but it leaves a wide margin for user error. With HeadCheck, you can minimize errors and simplify the process.

Steps are much less likely to get skipped or performed improperly, as your staff can easily complete each one within the software. 


HeadCheck activates your organization’s concussion policy. We’re not changing how tests are done. We’re connecting all the pieces – the tests, people, athletes, medical professionals, all run from within the same platform for the first time. 

For example, consider a league, school board, or conference with 30 teams. How do you know all the teams are following your protocol? What method would you use? If teams are not compliant, why? How would you fix it?

HeadCheck answers these questions for you.  

First, we digitize your protocol by customizing our software to make sure it reflects the exact steps, tests, and follow-up documentation requirements for your staff. 

Then, we train your people on how to implement the protocol. You now have a single place to connect all aspects of concussion care, from education, injury, diagnosis, treatment, and return-to-play. 

Next, at a time customized to your needs, HeadCheck runs data analytics on your organization and provides you with a 1-page report that allows you to “lift up the hood” and assess compliance. 

What could we find? Here are some common examples:

  • Players are being cleared, but there’s a failure to document who cleared the players
  • Medical staff missed steps in their documentation
  • Signatures are missing
  • The data being reported is incomplete

HeadCheck uses a real-time dashboard, monthly reports, and check-ins to review and clearly communicate the data with your organization’s representatives. Now you know exactly where all your teams stand with respect to protocol compliance and implementation. 

By transitioning your organization from unaware to aware, you can target those areas that need fixing and track progress towards athlete safety goals. 

This knowledge is power. Every step towards effective implementation reduces the potential risks of non-compliance. Regular compliance checks ensure rapid progress towards your desired results.

Meanwhile, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re not just waiting to find out something ISN’T working when you’ve been hit with a negative financial, legal, or human impact.

As Paul Dal Monte, Commissioner of the Western Lacrosse Association, states, “People come to watch great players play, not to watch great players get injured.”

HeadCheck Health and the Future of Concussion Management

HeadCheck is already shaping the future of concussion management. 

As a company, HeadCheck is able to demonstrate increased compliance and athlete safety for our partners in less than one season.  

We already work with anchor clients in every major sport with substantial concussion risk, including hockey, football, soccer, and lacrosse. We also work with organizations in over a dozen other sports and go beyond sports by partnering with clinics that provide concussion care. 

Our partners include: 

  • Major League Soccer (MLS)
  • Canadian Football League (CFL)
  • Eastern Washington University
  • Volleyball Canada
  • Sports Medical Solutions
  • BC Hockey
  • Trek Factory Racing

Are you ready to adopt the worry-free, government health, and privacy-compliant technology of the future? 

Contact us today to book your meeting.

We’ll give you a tour of the future of protocol implementation and help you connect your care


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