Youth hockey safety evolves through Verbero Hockey and HeadCheck Health alliance


Industry-leading concussion software company teams up with a leader in team protection owned by 15 year NHL veteran

Verbero Hockey (‘Verbero’) and HeadCheck Health (‘HeadCheck’) today announced a new strategic partnership to raise player safety in youth hockey.

Verbero, a leader in team apparel and protection, and HeadCheck, a leader in concussion protocol software, will share resources and mutual advocacy for products and services that enhance player safety. 

“Head injuries continue to be prolific in hockey, and I was surprised to learn that the process of managing concussions hadn’t changed from following the old paper forms since I was a kid,” said 15 year NHL veteran and Verbero Owner, Andy Sutton. “When I saw what HeadCheck was doing in youth hockey, I knew Verbero had to be aligned with it.”

“There are protocols and policies in place at all levels, however, there’s been a lack of effective tools to follow the protocols and more importantly, a way to ensure compliance,” said Harrison Brown, CEO of HeadCheck Health. “We developed HeadCheck Manager to make it simple and easy for volunteers and non-medical folks to follow the steps of their concussion protocol, while at the same time, providing the Associations a method to monitor compliance.”

Verbero has been a leader in protection, customization, and Team apparel for over a decade. Their technologically advanced products and highly innovative design set them apart. Verbero gloves have been used by top NHL players, their one-piece Carbon Fiber skate, and 350 gram 18K Carbon Fiber stick are both industry leaders. Verbero is owned by 15 year NHL veteran Andy Sutton, who applies his background in Engineering with his playing acumen to ensure that every Verbero product is a strong representation of not only the Verbero brand but also his personal reputation.

HeadCheck works closely with major sports leagues, medical professionals, and youth sports leaders to develop products that are grounded in research and easy to use in real-life situations. The HeadCheck Manager app is specifically developed for youth sports where non-medical staff, often volunteers, have to follow steps of a protocol from incident through to Return To Play. The app eases the burden on the volunteer and helps the organization ensure they’re meeting all their requirements.

HeadCheck is trusted by over 800 organizations including Major League Soccer, the Canadian Football League, the Canadian Junior Hockey League, BC Hockey, and Volleyball Canada. 

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