Rugby Quebec optimizes concussion care for provincial athletes with HeadCheck Health


QUEBEC – Rugby Quebec is proud to announce a new partnership with HeadCheck Health Inc. (‘HeadCheck’) to implement innovative mobile and web-based concussion management software for provincial representative teams.

HeadCheck provides Rugby Quebec with software and services to enhance the management of their concussion policy. A mobile app provides recognized healthcare professionals with real-time access to an athlete’s concussion profile and enables them to document suspected concussions, perform the testing required by the policy and make more informed care decisions. A web dashboard provides an overview of policy activity, more thorough athlete management, and the monitoring of policy adherence. In addition to the software, the company works with Rugby Quebec’s Medical Coordinator to review reporting and utilize data analytics to continuously advance the organization’s policies and procedures.

“HeadCheck was initially tested as part of our medical pilot project and it exceeded our expectations,” explained Maxime Charron, Sport Physiotherapist and Rugby Québec’s Medical Coordinator. “HeadCheck facilitates concussion management allowing us to more efficiently provide optimal care to our athletes. The ability of our athletes to practice their sport in a safe environment is paramount to Rugby Quebec and we are excited to implement HeadCheck with all our provincial teams.”

“We are excited to have Rugby Quebec implement HeadCheck for all their provincial teams after a successful pilot project,” said Harrison Brown, Co-Founder and CEO of HeadCheck Health. “Having our software in place for an entire organization is what works best for ensuring policy compliance and creating a safer environment for players.”

The company will also provide Rugby Quebec with full training, onboarding, and data management support. This includes setting up the software to the exact specifications of Rugby Quebec’s concussion policy and the varying medical and non-medical roles of the staff utilizing HeadCheck. All data is securely stored and meets the latest health privacy standards.


HeadCheck enhances the way sports organizations implement and manage their concussion policy through innovative testing, documentation and reporting software. A mobile app can be used to document suspected concussions, run concussion assessments and track an athlete’s concussion history. An enhanced web dashboard provides an overview of testing activity, more thorough athlete management, and monitoring of concussion policy adherence. HeadCheck supports medical and non-medical roles to meet the qualifications of individuals using the software. All data is securely stored and meets the latest health privacy standards. Over 400 organizations across North America use HeadCheck as their primary tool for concussion management, including the CJHL, BC Hockey, UBC, Edmonton Oil Kings, BC Rugby, Eastern Washington University, Rugby Ontario, St. George’s School, and Okotoks Minor Hockey. For more information visit

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