Why HeadCheck?

Follow best practices for documenting and assessing concussions. Integrate all individuals involved in the concussion care of an athlete. Create a digital record of how all suspected concussions were handled. Identify any gaps by reviewing reporting and actionable insights into areas for potential safety improvement.

  • Complete Onboarding: We work with you to customize our solution to meet your requirements, set up athlete profiles, staff accounts, and conduct technology training
  • Concussion Documentation: Team personnel are trained to use HeadCheck’s app to document suspected concussions during removal from play
  • Concussion Assessment: Licensed healthcare professionals (such as certified athletic trainers) can use HeadCheck to conduct full concussion assessments
  • Care Integration: Clinics and care providers are notified when a suspected concussion occurs and can access the collected information
  • Medical Clearance: Athletes marked with a diagnosed concussion will not be removed from that list until a medical clearance note is uploaded to their profile

HeadCheck is a secure system featuring HIPAA & PIPEDA compliant data encryption

Mobile App

The HeadCheck app allows qualified professionals to run today's most well-researched and highly regarded concussion tests at any time or location. They can manage and access the concussion records of all their athletes and utilize comparable data to help make more data-driven decisions.

Non-medical staff can use HeadCheck to document suspected concussions, identify red flags, and collect key symptom information that can be instantly transferred with the athlete to a medical professional.

  • Track concussion testing history through athlete & team profiles
  • Run the consensus best tests for assessing a suspected concussion
  • Instant comparison help monitor progress and aid in data-driven decisions
  • Test anywhere, anytime with wifi, data or offline mode
  • Securely share test results with authorized individuals via web link or PDF
  • Attach additional notes including Medical Clearance Notes for return-to-play
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Web Dashboard

A mobile responsive web dashboard offers enhanced functionality for improved administration of the athletes and the ability for management to monitor concussion activity and policy compliance.

  • Manage where athletes are in the testing process
  • Create and edit athletes and teams
  • Conduct the same tests as done through the mobile app
  • Save time by inviting athletes to fill out their personal information and baseline symptoms
  • Manage staff through multi-level user access accounts
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Note: You can login using the information you registered your trial account with through the app.

Customized Reporting

At the highest level, HeadCheck works with organizations to provide customized reports utilizing data analytics to uncover trends and areas of improvement in their concussion policy and safety standards.

  • Testing activity reports
  • Concussion statistics
  • Impact on teams and man games lost
  • Custom data analysis
  • Recommendations for improvements

Additional Services

The HeadCheck team will work with you to supply the services and support needed to successfully manage your concussion policy.

  • Help develop, implement, manage and improve a concussion policy
  • Complete onboarding from our customer success team
  • Transfer athlete concussion testing history from team to team
  • Provide certified AT support for baseline testing
  • Full training on how to use HeadCheck
  • Concussion education and awareness materials
  • Community presentations

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