The Kentucky Youth Soccer Association is taking player safety to the next level by joining forces with HEADCHECK. This partnership means all KYSA clubs will benefit from exclusive discounted pricing on the industry-leading injury management tool – HEADCHECK Manager.

  • Swiftly report all injuries ensuring prompt action and peace of mind
  • Improve communication and connection among the club and guardians
  • Implement quickly and smoothly with a dedicated team of experts

How It Works

  • RECORD and REPORT: A designated user for each team will use HEADCHECK app after an injury occurs to fill out an injury report and mark the athlete as ineligible due to injury.
  • NOTIFY and ACCESS: Parents, guardians, and organization leaders are notified at the time of injury via email with a copy of the injury report.
  • TRACK and DOCUMENT: Each team's designated user can track athlete eligibility via HEADCHECK app. Meanwhile, all users can easily access any related forms.
  • RETURN to SPORT: If a doctor's note is required for the child to return to sports a guardian or manager can easily upload the note on the HEADCHECK app so everyone knows the child is eligible to play.

Club Benefits

01 Focus On What Matters

  • Convenient smartphone app saves time and streamlines concussion protocols and injury reporting
  • Stay HIPAA, FERPA, and PIPEDA compliant with secure health information storage
  • Keep safety providers engaged with simple pregame and postgame checks

02 Your Process, Simplified

  • Intuitive app guides users through the injury-reporting process
  • Eliminate guesswork and reduce reliance on memory for complex processes
  • Easily integrate multiple teams in one place

03 Reduced Risk

  • Easily confirm volunteer compliance with protocol
  • Give access or share collected information with guardians
  • Clear medical consent forms help make sure your athletes return to play safely

Coach, Manager, and Volunteer Benefits

01 Follow the Game Plan

  • Guided protocol helps you focus during emotionally charged incidents
  • Clear next steps mean you always know what’s next
  • Easily log injuries or upload Return To Play consent forms

02 Simplified Process

  • Replace tedious paperwork with an easy-to-follow digital process, accessible right from your smartphone
  • Easily log required reports via e-signature
  • Safely and securely share health information with those who need it

03 Everything at your Fingertips

  • View list of ineligible athletes
  • Review player injury history 
  • Log player medical conditions

Guardian Benefits

01 Prioritized Athlete Safety

  • Know when, where, and how injuries are being managed in your club
  • Receive updates whenever your child is injured 
  • Ensure concussion and injury management protocols are being followed

02 Portable Health Records

  • Share results with your doctor, securely
  • Access your child’s records when you need them
  • Maintain a secure electronic paper trail of how all your child’s injuries were handled

03 Your Data, Protected

  • HIPAA-compliant system
  • Encrypted and secure data
  • Accessible only by authorized individuals

HEADCHECK Manager is loaded with features to help you easily manage injuries

  • CrashCourse: Concussion Education
  • Pre and Post-Game Checks
  • Autofilled Injury Report Forms
  • Player Eligibility Dashboard
  • Medical Clearance Forms and E-Signatures
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Guardian Access
  • Available on iOS, Android, Web


What specific features does HEADCHECK Manager offer?

HEADCHECK Manager has various features to help make managing injuries your athletes may experience easier. For example, it can help identify a suspected concussion, keep track of injuries, monitor when athletes are ready to start playing again, teach athletes about concussions, handle necessary paperwork, and ensure everyone follows the required injury management protocols.

How easy is it to use?

HEADCHECK Manager simplifies a complex, time-consuming, paper-based process with a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate app and web platform. Additionally, all coaches and managers can be trained to use the software in 30 minutes.

What is the price?

KYSA has negotiated preferred pricing for clubs. The fee is yearly and based on the number of athletes. There are no additional or hidden fees assessed throughout the year. Setup and training are included in the price. Other services, such as baseline testing, are available. You can sign up now or contact HEADCHECK for more information and a representative will reach out to you.

How does HEADCHECK integrate with existing systems?

HEADCHECK integrates with several electronic medical records and registration systems. Please get in touch with HEADCHECK to learn if we can connect with your registration system.

How is data privacy and security handled?

HEADCHECK partners with some of the world’s top-level professional sports organizations. As a result, it meets strict government standards to protect people’s health information. These standards include HIPAA, PIPEDA, FERPA, and COPPA, ensuring everyone’s privacy is respected, and their information is kept confidential.

Can HEADCHECK be customized to meet our specific needs?

HEADCHECK has worked with KYSA to match your club’s policies, procedures, and protocols. In addition, HEADCHECK helps you follow the US Soccer protocols and best practices from the Concussion in Sport Group.

What kind of support and training is offered?

HEADCHECK offers robust customer support, including a customer success team, online training modules, virtual training, user guides, and ongoing support.

How do I sign up my club for HEADCHECK?

You can sign up now or contact HEADCHECK for more information and a representative will reach out to you.

Take injury management to the next level

Take advantage of exclusive discounted pricing and sign up now for HEADCHECK Manager


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