Why Ex-NHL’er Kyle Wellwood Backs HeadCheck Health


NHL players get top-quality care. It’s the other leagues, where testing is minimal or not done at all, where contact with the head can affect an individual for the rest of his life. And that’s not right.

Kyle Wellwood, Vancouver Sun

After ending his professional hockey career, Kyle Wellwood settled in Vancouver and took an interest in investing. In 2016, the veteran of 489 NHL games played with the Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks, San Jose Sharks, and Winnipeg Jets heard HeadCheck Health CEO Harrison Brown give a pitch on how software could improve the concussion issue facing sports.

Wellwood liked what he heard and soon became an investor and board member in the company. Since that time, Wellwood has been a hands-on and pivotal part of the company’s progression from working with single teams and associations to entire leagues and governing bodies in an effort to improve athlete safety.

Kyle in his own words on why he got involved…

“I saw Eric [Lindros] struggle for a whole year to get back on the ice. He couldn’t. He wasn’t able to go full blast. Those memories stay with you still. I’m definitely biased on this subject because of what I’ve seen.”

[Vancouver Sun]

“I’ve had symptoms that I’ve ignored, but that’s part of taking the test: you get a better sense of what kind of symptoms are a problem.”


“The long-term effects are severe enough that you shouldn’t be playing through [concussions], even if it means a championship.”


“The people behind it are passionate about it.”

[Vancouver Sun]

“We’re affordable, we can do entire leagues, everybody can have a record of their concussion history, and everyone feels a little safer about the season.”


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