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How HeadCheck improves patient engagement, expands clinic services, and increases the revenue of a medical practice

Athletic trainers and therapists, physical therapists, and other concussion care providers face increasing challenges in providing optimal concussion care and follow up. Clinically speaking, these challenges can compromise patient care, prolong recovery, and increase the liability associated with athletic participation. In many cases, concussion clinic program directors are faced with ensuring clinical best practices and being accountable for the business bottom line.

HeadCheck Health, a software and services company trusted by over 800 organizations, makes effective concussion assessment and treatment more manageable. Providers are increasingly taking advantage of the powerful tools HeadCheck offers concussion and sport-focused clinics. 

An example is the user-friendly mHealth (mobile health) software, HeadCheck Hub, that simplifies standardized test methods, collaboration among multiple medical providers, and patient engagement. 

A recent Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) healthcare report on improving patient engagement and practice efficiency notices that “[i]n today’s healthcare environment where practice workflow and patient experience are paramount, the use of technology is more instrumental than ever in helping providers enhance operations and overall patient care.” [1] 

Given patients’ increasing reliance on programs and apps for everyday life, especially among millennials, it’s necessary to incorporate the most up-to-date technology into your practice.

But adding HeadCheck to your practice doesn’t just give you another tool to improve concussion treatment and save time. HeadCheck can also expand your engagement strategy by adding another pathway to your web, blog, social media, newsletter, mail, and paper mail channels. Integrating HeadCheck technology into your marketing strategy can help you run a better business.

Here are five ways concussion management clinicians, athletic trainers, and other licensed healthcare professionals can use HeadCheck to improve patient engagement, expand clinic services, and increase their medical practice revenue.  

1. Improve the Patient-Provider Relationship to Increase Retention and Revenue

Increasing patient satisfaction is key to reducing cancellations and missed appointments. Engaged patients are also more likely to make punctual payments and referrals. The bottom line? Patient satisfaction increases the likelihood that they keep coming back to your clinic, which exponentially grows your revenue. Engaged patients lead to retention and better outcomes.

Personalized interactions are essential to building relationships with your patients, where they see you as a trusted and established authority. They will be motivated to trust you with their concussion treatment and become your most loyal and useful marketing tool. At the same time, as demands on your time and labor increase, it becomes increasingly challenging to fit everything in. 

HeadCheck can help you automate your interactions with patients without making you work harder or longer. It makes concussion diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up convenient and accessible, and facilitates access to providers. HeadCheck patients are engaged, patients. In HeadCheck, you can automate home self-assessments, share personalized treatment plans, and exchange notes digitally with your patient.

HeadCheck provides an end-to-end user experience that integrates patients, family members, coaches, non-medical and medical staff from diagnosis and treatment to follow-ups. Providers can effortlessly track baseline, post-injury, and Return-To-Play, Return-To-Work, and Return-To-Learn concussion management for patients and coordinate care within or outside the clinic: 

  • Keep the full picture of the patient’s health in view by instantly comparing test results to previous results and baseline tests. 
  • Easily get all your tests from one provider. 
  • Securely share results with parents, other medical professionals, coaches, and the patients themselves. 
  • Make informed decisions about the patient over time since test results and notes follow patients even as their health, team, and sport changes.

2. Acquire More Patients With a Simplified Injury Reporting App 

What’s more, the HeadCheck Manager app can help non-medical professionals report concussions and all suspected injuries directly to care providers. Clinics that provide access to the app can engage new clients like local schools and youth teams who would benefit from a simplified injury reporting process while directing those who need treatment to their clinic. 

Patients and athletes receive care from appropriate medical professionals more quickly, reducing their time spent away from work or play. By providing this package, your clinic can secure new patients and teams. Since the HeadCheck Manager tool is not just specific to concussions, ALL injuries or suspected injuries can be reported. The additional patients would pay for the cost of providing the HeadCheck Manager app to your community partners, providing a substantial ROI. 

A survey of 7000 consumers on the growth of digital healthcare found that most say they are likely to use AI-enabled clinical services.[3] As expectations that concussion care providers offer treatment technology and software continue to rise, get ahead of the curve by adopting HeadCheck now. Use the software to help track referrals in and out of the program and project downstream revenue by documenting accurate referrals throughout the clinical network. Your competitive advantage is offering service clients can’t get somewhere else, and increasing your accuracy when targeting your outreach. 

3. Use Strategic Marketing to Build Authority

Acquiring new patients can eat up a considerable percentage of your marketing budget. Surprisingly, across all industries, improving retention rates as little as 5% increases profits by a whopping 25% – 95%.[2]

In the current healthcare market, every possible effort should be made to build the authority to keep your patients coming back. The question is, how best to allocate your resources to maximize the return on your marketing investments? 

Get recognized as an authority by offering the latest up-to-date technology. Boost referral rates by providing access to technology that is “used by professional athletes,” including 

  • Major League Soccer (MLS)
  • the Canadian Football League (CFL)
  • the Canadian Junior Hockey League (CJHL)
  • Eastern Washington University
  • Volleyball Canada
  • BC Hockey
  • Trek Factory Racing

Who doesn’t want to use the same tech the pros have? 

Patients and their coaches and parents often need further education to recognize concussion symptoms. While concussion awareness has increased, concussion symptoms are still underreported. A recent study on the effectiveness of concussion education for student-athletes concluded, “We must develop and disseminate evidence-based educational programs that have been clinically proven to be effective in increasing athletes’ self-reporting of concussion.” [4] HeadCheck is committed to building relationships with leaders in the industry and providing access to their growing body of educational resources like CrashCourse by TeachAids to help establish you as a go-to authority.

4. Maintain Compliance With Industry “Best Practices”

Keeping up with evolving guidelines for concussion diagnosis and management is essential and incredibly challenging for the busy clinician. Time management is costly in terms of your clinic’s resources. Matching the current stringent requirements is good news for reducing and treating injuries. Still, clinics need to adopt the tools that will enable them to maintain compliance without becoming overwhelmed with additional paperwork and communications. 

HeadCheck stays on top of industry best practices for you, so you can effortlessly maintain procedural standards. Patients can feel confident knowing that they are getting the best possible care while reducing your liability. HeadCheck ensures and documents clinical controls and tracks patients throughout the clinical referral matrix, so you can spend more time caring for patients and growing your practice. It also secures patient data according to government health privacy standards, such as HIPAA, PIPEDA, and FERPA.

5. Eliminate Data Silos and Seamlessly Integrate Multiple Aspects of Patient Care

Many concussion patients are young people and/or part of a team. That means the patient-provider relationship is expanded to include parents, coaches, teachers, and non-medical staff. When combined with increasing regulations and changing diagnosis and treatment standards, your success in treating concussion patients is crucially tied to how well you can manage all the data and people involved.

HeadCheck integrates data to streamline communication between teams, parents, patients, and providers. Providers and patients, teams, and league administrators collaborate to make informed, actionable decisions that minimize concussion management risks and increase patient safety. Effortless and instant communication between everyone involved synchronizes and coordinates the many pieces of the puzzle that comprise the best concussion management practices. With the Manager app, injuries can be reported directly to the clinic, even when you can’t be on site. 

While other concussion platforms and apps focus simply on testing or concussion management training, HeadCheck is a nexus of all the tests you need, fully customized to use SCAT5, VOMS, or others. It’s used by professionals already trained in concussion management, giving them an expansive toolkit to help them excel at providing care. 

Worried about all that data that gets lost when you switch testing tools? As a reseller of FDA-cleared online tools for baseline and post-injury testing such as ImPACT and EQ, HeadCheck software will help you make sure you never lose data or patient history. And since HeadCheck is continuously updating the platform with the latest concussion management guidelines, it will never go out of date.

With HeadCheck, you’re on track to establish your practice as a professional, efficient, and highly responsive, evidence-based leader among providers of concussion management. By integrating HeadCheck into your multi-channel marketing strategy, you can increase brand loyalty and awareness, reach more patients, and increase patient engagement leading to higher revenues. 

Are you ready to get ahead of the curve, eliminate resource-draining inefficiencies, and connect your care? Learn more about HeadCheck by checking out HeadCheck Hub, the platform that will help you do more for your patients and increase your revenue.  





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