How It Works: HeadCheck And The New CJHL Concussion Program


HeadCheck Health will be providing concussion management software to help the CJHL’s 10 Member Leagues perform their concussion protocol as part of the new CJHL Concussion Program. The software will allow all 133 teams to perform the new mandatory concussion protocol and each league to monitor protocol compliance. Funding from The Co-operators as part of the SJHL Assistance Program provided the foundation for the program.

“The entire CJHL Board feels introducing HeadCheck is a major step forward in moving towards better concussion management throughout the CJHL. We feel it’s a very proactive and positive undertaking to keep CJHL Member Leagues and members ahead of the curve in player safety, which is a paramount concern within our program.” – Brent Ladds, CJHL President

How It Works

  • Team trainers utilize HeadCheck’s mobile app to document suspected concussions and perform any concussion testing required by the protocol
  • Information can be transferred with the player to medical professionals for further diagnosis
  • Partner clinics will receive access to HeadCheck to log any notes or perform additional assessments
  • Notifications can be automatically sent to clinics and emergency contacts when a suspected concussion is documented
  • Concussion history for all players will be securely stored in the HeadCheck system
  • Medical clearance can be run through HeadCheck to ensure players only return-to-play with proper approval
  • Player history can move from team-to-team or league-to-league with authorization
  • League can monitor protocol compliance through HeadCheck’s web dashboard
  • HeadCheck and league commissioners review reporting on aggregate data to make safety improvements

HeadCheck Services Provided to CJHL

  • Technology training sessions for all individuals using the mobile app
  • Profile creation for all 3000+ players and any new players who enter a league
  • Account setup and system access for partner clinics
  • Certified AT support for any baseline testing required by teams
  • Assistance with trades and player movement done through web platform
  • 24/7 ongoing support

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About HeadCheck Health, Inc

HeadCheck provides concussion management software that is customized to the requirements of any concussion policy. A mobile app can be used to document suspected concussions, run concussion assessments and track an athlete’s concussion history. An enhanced web dashboard provides an overview of testing activity, more thorough athlete management, and the monitoring of concussion policy adherence. The system provides medical and non-medical roles to support the varying medical qualifications of individuals working with teams. All data is securely stored and meets the latest health privacy standards. Over 400 organizations across North America use HeadCheck as their primary tool for concussion management, including the CJHL, BC Hockey, UBC, BC Rugby, Eastern Washington University, Rugby Ontario, St. George’s School, and Okotoks Minor Hockey. For more information visit


The Canadian Junior Hockey League is a national organization comprised of 10 Junior A hockey leagues in Canada. The CJHL represents 133 teams and more than 3,000 players. The CJHL operates under the auspices of the Hockey Canada Branch structure and is a member in good standing within Hockey Canada. The CJHL is the only sanctioned Junior A Hockey League in Canada and has over 3,000 alumni furthering their hockey careers at the professional, major junior and college levels across North America. The CJHL is comprised of the BCHL, AJHL, SJHL, MJHL, SIJHL, NOJHL, OJHL, LHJQ, CCHL, and MHL. For more information on CJHL please visit

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