BCJALL and BCJT1LL partner with HeadCheck Health to implement concussion testing platform


VANCOUVER – The British Columbia Junior A Lacrosse League (‘BCJALL’) and the BC Junior Tier 1 Lacrosse League (‘BCJT1LL’) announced a new partnership with HeadCheck Health Inc. (‘HeadCheck’) to implement the company’s concussion testing platform in both leagues.

The simple implementation and utilization of the HeadCheck concussion testing platform will raise testing standards in the two leagues and limit the risk of concussion mismanagement. Teams are given the technological tools they need to implement today’s most well-researched concussion testing methods. The leagues are provided with reporting on the effectiveness of their concussion protocol and areas for athlete health and safety improvements.

“Our partnership with the BCJALL and BCJT1LL helps standardize concussion testing across both leagues,” said Harrison Brown, Co-Founder and CEO of HeadCheck Health. “It’s important to us to help raise the level of concussion care for amateur athletes.”

“Our athletes’ wellbeing is a major focus in allowing them to pursue the opportunities they earn with U.S. Colleges and playing professionally in the National Lacrosse League,” said Karl Christiansen, President of the BCJALL and Chairman of the BCJT1LL. “We are excited to have HeadCheck Health as a partner to help us advance our concussion protocol and monitor the concussion care of our athletes.”

During the upcoming season, all 8 BCJALL and 10 BCJT1LL teams will use HeadCheck perform baseline and post-injury concussion tests and monitor medical clearance. HeadCheck’s mobile app allows for testing to be done at the time of the suspected injury and provides team athletic therapists with more information to make data-driven decisions. Due to the league-wide adoption of HeadCheck, player concussion history can transfer with them from team-to-team. The company will also provide full training, onboarding, and data management support to the organization throughout the season.

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