BCHL Teams Up With HeadCheck Health To Implement Standardized Concussion Testing


HeadCheck Health Inc. (HeadCheck), a Canadian company that has created a reliable objective sideline concussion testing and management software for sports teams, today announced that they have signed a service agreement with the British Columbia Hockey League (BCHL) covering all 17 BCHL teams throughout the league.

HeadCheck is a concussion testing and management solution, which simplifies the way concussion protocols are implemented and executed by leveraging mobile, cloud and analytic technology. The solution is available on both Apple and Android devices and features a web-based reporting dashboard enabling administrators to monitor concussion protocol compliance.

“We continue to make forward progress by selectively partnering with organizations that want to continue to do more for their athletes,” said Harrison Brown, Co-Founder and CEO of HeadCheck Health. “HeadCheck will allow BCHL teams to assess concussions more easily, enabling them to make data-driven decisions that will benefit every player in the league.”

“Player safety is of utmost importance to the BCHL,” said John Grisdale, BCHL Commissioner. “Our athletic therapists will now have instant access to a reliable concussion assessment tool during practices and games in order to make appropriate sideline medical decisions. The HeadCheck app will also assist the league with monitoring and tracking league-wide concussion protocol compliance.”

During the season, all teams will use HeadCheck to perform baseline, post-injury and return-to-play concussion tests. Qualified medical professionals involved in clearance of concussed players will also be able to access test results through HeadCheck’s system to allow for more informed decisions across the board. In addition to supplying BCHL with the HeadCheck technology, the company will also provide training, advanced analytics and reporting to help the league continue to improve their concussion management policies and procedures.

“It is great to see BCHL act as a leader in player safety by making concussion awareness, education and assessment part of their league protocol,” said Kyle Wellwood, retired National Hockey League Player and HeadCheck Health stakeholder. “HeadCheck’s software allows users to perform concussion tests that are backed by evidence-based science. It’s the most comprehensive easy-to-use concussion assessment tool available and will be an invaluable asset for the BCHL, their franchises, and all players in the league.”

About HeadCheck Health
HeadCheck provides sports team, leagues and organizations with a complete concussion solution. The company provides its customers mobile technology to run baseline, post-injury and return-to-play concussion assessments at the sideline of sporting events. Backed by evidence-based science, the technology tracks overall concussion health of athletes and provides instant comparison to past test performance. The system enables sports teams to use gold standard concussion tests, but is quicker to use than traditional paper assessments and can be run from any location within minutes. HeadCheck measures a number of key identifiers of a concussion – including symptoms, balance, motor coordination, vision and neurocognitive function. This allows medical professionals such as athletic trainers and doctors to make informed data-driven sideline decisions, limiting the mismanagement of athletes who are unfit to return to play. All data is time-stamped and securely stored for convenient 24/7 access. The data can follow the athlete to all future sports, providing a picture of risk management through historical data and trend analytics.

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