How BCHL Executes Their Concussion Protocol With HeadCheck Pro


The system’s continuity, insight, and control have helped the league stay best-in-class for concussion management

Leading by Example

Prioritizing player safety and health, the British Columbia Hockey League (‘BCHL’) is entering its fourth consecutive year using HeadCheck Pro system. As champions of concussion management, the BCHL was the first full league to adopt the platform in 2017.

Since then, the BCHL has refined its concussion protocols, elevated player care, and demonstrated leadership in concussion management. This forward-thinking league helped prompt adoption across all ten leagues within the Canadian Junior Hockey League to support their medical personnel and players.

The BCHL has shifted all their concussion identification, management, and care onto HeadCheck’s app and web system from baseline testing to return to play protocols. By synergizing their player concussion health and safety efforts on one platform, the BCHL has streamlined communication at the league executive level down to the team medical level. This synergy has strengthened communication links between team doctors, athletic therapists, and clinics to ensure all players return to play safely.

League Perspective: “Great Snapshot”

HeadCheck’s end-to-end solution has allowed for continuity in the changeover of team medical staff and league management. When current Commissioner Chris Hebb joined the league in 2018, having all relevant athlete information organized and accessible on one platform made it easy for his staff to pick up where things had left off. It enabled his administration to ensure that best practices are followed and build upon the high standard of care provided to the players.

League executives found the monthly reports and check-in meetings with the HeadCheck Customer Success team provided a ‘great snapshot’ of how the league was doing in terms of tracking, managing, and following a consistent concussion protocol.

This high-level insight enabled league executives to address any red flags immediately. It allowed them to highlight common themes from a league perspective and narrow down which teams needed extra support in following through with their protocols.

A Necessity

As the BCHL has evolved over the years, HeadCheck customized the platform to accommodate all protocol adjustments. According to the trainers across the league, the flexibility and consistency of year-over-year use have made HeadCheck a ‘necessity’ for effective concussion management.

For the league, monitoring adherence to policies has been made simple.

For teams, they now have the tools to support them in executing the league’s concussion protocol.

For players, they can feel confident that their league has prioritized their health and safety.


  • Elevate concussion management and standard of care
  • Maintain consistency through personnel changes
  • Streamline all necessary testing and documentation

Enter HeadCheck Pro

  • Monthly reports to monitor testing activity
  • Data-driven insights to elevate safety standards
  • Platform customized to the organization’s existing structure and protocol


  • All teams following a consistent and monitored concussion protocol
  • All players receiving proper medical clearance before returning to play
  • High-level insights on league adherence to concussion management

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