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“We need to protect the athletes who put everything, including themselves, on the line to achieve their goals.”

-Harrison Brown, CEO and Co-Founder of HeadCheck Health

In 2012, after meeting each other in a new ventures class offered at UBC’s Business School, HeadCheck Health co-founders Harrison Brown and Kerry Costello began to work towards a future for an objective balance test to be used at the sideline of sports games. Over the course of the next year, the duo reached out to a network of organizations to validate their product concept. The idea was met with great support, and the company pushed forward with a focus on building better concussion testing tools.

HeadCheck Health strives to bring sports teams the latest and most innovative technology backed by evidence-based science. The company’s goal is to bridge the gap between sports teams and the latest research in the field.

Harrison Brown is an athlete with a history in contact sport and an interest in brain science. A rugby player in his early years, Harrison played on the Hong Kong National Rugby Team and the University of Guelph Varsity team while pursuing his undergraduate degree in Human Health and Nutritional Sciences.

It was this time that he began to specialize in Neurophysiology, leading him to pursue both a Masters and PhD with the Sensorimotor Physiology lab at the University of British Columbia. Starting in 2010 and over the next 3 years, Harrison, supported by his thesis advisors and mentors, Jean-Sébastien Blouin, Gunter Siegmund, Michael Koehle, and Kevin Guskewicz, pursued the improved identification of concussion through an objective balance error measurement.

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    • Kyle Wellwood: HeadCheck Health is making gold-standard concussion testing accessible to more athletes, ensuring that both children and adults are concussion tested before playing a contact sport is essential to reducing the incidents of long-term concussion related brain injuries. HeadCheck has made it affordable for all schools and organizations to conduct both baseline testing, and post-injury concussion assessments directly on the sidelines. The technology is easy to use, and all of an athlete’s data can be time-stamped and securely stored for convenient access, at any time or any location.
    • Scott Fraser: I am happy to be using HeadCheck Health with my student trainers for the UBC Thunderbirds. HeadCheck has improved the speed and reliability of our pre-season screening and post injury tests. Concussion recognition and management is such an important part of athlete care today, I feel, as a sports administrator, this is an important investment in the health of our athletes.
  • James Brotherhood: This app is very convenient for our therapists and saves an enormous amount of time. It is well designed to meet the needs of therapists from both ease of use and communication with other practitioners like Doctors and other specialists.

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