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HeadCheck is multi-device software that helps you perform your current concussion protocol and implement the latest and best standardized concussion tests. Our flexible technology will keep you up-to-date with the constantly evolving best practices for concussion testing. The HeadCheck mobile app was specifically designed for use by qualified professionals anywhere at any time to improve the speed and accuracy of their testing. An enhanced web dashboard allows for easier and more thorough management of all the concussion data collected.

Faster, more reliable testing

The best and latest standardized methodology for concussion testing was built through years of research and relies on evidence-based science. It tests multiple facets of the brain, providing you with more robust information.

HeadCheck's free mobile app includes the following tests: Glasgow Coma Scale, Maddocks Score, Cervical Spine Evaluation, Symptoms Evaluation, Cognitive Assessment, Neurological Exam, Balance Test and Vestibular-Ocular Motor Screening.

Better, quicker data-driven decisions

Digitizing the data enables instant test comparison, graphs, and historical results that help you get to the appropriate “play/no-play” decision faster and with more confidence.

Detailed, useful reporting

HeadCheck includes access to a web-based reporting dashboard where you can compare your organization’s data to normalized values and monitor compliance to the concussion protocol.

You will see exactly how your organization compares to industry testing averages and provide advice to help you improve athlete safety.

Securely stored athlete data

HeadCheck meets top line Health Privacy requirements in Canada and the United States (PIPEDA & HIPAA) guaranteeing your data remains private and secure.

Our Service

The HeadCheck team is with you every step of the way to ensure that your athletes receive the concussion testing that they deserve.

Simple implementation

HeadCheck's team works side-by-side with you to make sure that onboarding is smooth and stays on time. There is no technical integration required to implement HeadCheck. Only your roster information is required.

Customized training

With HeadCheck-led training courses, customized peer-to-peer training, and resources for go-live and beyond, you'll be running the HeadCheck app like a pro.

Full technical support

You get dedicated 24-hour help, system monitoring, and regular check-ins to ensure your long-term success and improvement.

Ongoing services

After you are live, the HeadCheck team is with you every step of the way to ensure that your athletes receive the care they deserve. HeadCheck will provide advice and assistance on performance improvement and will show you how to make the most of your data and reporting panel.

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HeadCheck Health brings you the latest and most innovative technology backed by scientific research to help you manage your concussion protocols better. Our goal is to bridge the gap between your team, the latest research in the field, and the data that will help you manage critical concussion situations better.

The Importance of Testing Multiple Brain Functions

Because concussions are a variable injury, from person to person and incident to incident, they are a hard injury to identify. Currently, there is no single test or scan that can reliably identify if an athlete has received a concussion. Instead, research supports testing multiple functions of the brain for changes or abnormalities after a blow to the head.

Following these principles, HeadCheck tests for a broad range of concussion-related afflictions from physical or emotional symptoms to cognitive function and balance.

Enhancing protocols with new testsWhat is VOMS and why should I use it?

Comprehensive testing of vision offers a thorough way to successfully uncover a concussive injury. Vestibular-ocular screening has been well supported in literature over recent years with the most common tests covering 5 vestibular-ocular motor tasks and their impact on common post-concussion symptoms. VOMS tests 5 common vestibular/ocular motor tasks and assesses the changes in common post-concussion symptoms.

The initial study on VOMS, published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine in 2014 by Mucha and colleagues, demonstrated its internal consistency and sensitivity in identifying concussed patients. Since then, numerous investigations have been published, including those concluding that: VOMS measures unique aspects of vestibular function (Yorke et al., 2016), higher VOMS scores are associated with longer recovery times in concussed athletes (Anzalone et al., 2016), and VOMS displays an acceptable false-positive rate among healthy Division I college student-athletes (Kontos et al., 2016).

Case Studies

Over the course of six months, UBC reallocated 60-man hours, improved concussion protocol compliance, enhanced training and coaching opportunities for Student Trainers, and improved the overall quality of care for their athletes.


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Quality (health data or concussion) management isn't something that should be exclusive to professional athletes. HeadCheck works with sports leagues and organizations of any size to find an affordable solution that works for them. Simply provide us with some details about how many athletes you’re looking to manage and a HeadCheck advisor will be in contact with you to discuss a solution.