HeadCheck for Clinics

Your Expertise + Our Platform = Optimal Concussion Care

For sports medicine clinics offering concussion management services, HeadCheck Clinic allows them to activate a comprehensive, holistic, and integrated approach to the concussion treatment and recovery of their patients.

  • Serve your local community by creating portable concussion health records
  • Improve the level of concussion care by ensuring all testing and management is done by qualified healthcare professionals
  • Utilize the most well-regarded and research-based concussion tools of your choice enhanced by our technology
  • Build a better relationship with patients and provide more personalized care
  • Allow us to confidently direct local schools, associations, and teams to your clinic

Why HeadCheck?

Enhance your assessments

Conduct gold-standard assessments from baseline through to return to play with an intuitive, easy-to-use, mobile app available on iOS and Android devices.

Monitor recovery progress

Grant patients access to their concussion history and send them symptom evaluations on their road to recovery.

Easily share information

Instantly share password-protected test results and notes with authorized individuals through the mobile app or web panel.

Meet Security & Privacy Standards

HeadCheck meets top line Health Privacy requirements in Canada and the United States.

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Pro Package

Start a subscription for access to HeadCheck and add additional patient profiles and users at a reduced rate.

  • 3 staff accounts
  • 15 active patient profiles
  • Additional profiles available for $5 or less per year

What’s Included?

  • Unlimited Assessments
  • Unlimited Symptom Check-Ins
  • Clinic Partner Portal
  • Mobile Apps (iOS and Android)
  • HIPPAA & PIPEDA Compliance
  • Controlled Staff Access
  • Patient Login
  • HeadCheck Training Videos
  • Customer Support
  • Education Content
  • Marketing Materials