Partnering With HeadCheck

Serve your community by bringing standardized concussion testing to every local athlete and helping to track their entire concussion history.

Standardized concussion testing done by qualified healthcare professionals is an essential part of improving the level of concussion care an athlete receives.

Stay up-to-date with today’s most well-regarded and research-based concussion tests with our technology.

Our partnership will allow us to confidently direct local schools, teams, and athletes to partnered clinics.

HeadCheck Clinic Partners

$5 or lessone-time fee, per patient
  • Special clinic bulk pricing packages
  • Unlimited baseline, post-injury and return-to-play tests
  • Web dashboard access for testing, data, and staff management
  • Password protected test results sharing
  • Multi-user account access for improved clinic management
  • Full access to iOS and Android app (available on phones & tablets)
  • HeadCheck Training Videos
  • Customer Support

Prices are in USD.

The Clinic Partner Program allows for HeadCheck to be used in a clinical setting with individual patients of the clinic.

Why HeadCheck?

Run a quick concussion test for free on our mobile app available on iOS or Android devices.

Concussion history tracking

Every concussion test that an athlete undergoes is stored directly on their profile for quick reference. Attach clearance notes and other key pieces of information to build a complete concussion history.

Faster, more reliable testing

Conduct baseline, post-injury, and return-to-play concussion tests with an intuitive, easy-to-use, mobile app available on iOS and Android devices.

Simple implementation

Qualified healthcare professionals are screened and provided with training videos to quickly train them how to run tests with HeadCheck.

Results sharing

Instantly share password-protected test results through the mobile app or web panel with authorized individuals.

Security & Privacy Standards

HeadCheck meets top line Health Privacy requirements in Canada and the United States.