MindRight and HeadCheck Team Up to Deliver Mental Health and Concussion Resources to Young Athletes

New partnership will see MindRight's mental health and wellness program available to athletes through HeadCheck's software platform

Kelowna, BC - MindRight for Athletes Society ('MindRight') and HeadCheck Health ("HeadCheck") today announced a new partnership to advance athlete health and wellness by making MindRight's resources and peer-to-peer support available through HeadCheck's mobile app and web-based software platform.

"I believe we have helpful resources available for youth and need to support them to get help if they need it," said Myles Mattila, Project Developer and Spokesperson for MindRight

Myles Mattila, currently a junior hockey player with the Kelowna Chiefs and business student at Okanagan College, developed MindRight after being inspired by the story of late Vancouver Canuck Rick Rypien. Myles thought of a friend who struggled with his mental health and developed MindRight to educate athletes, coaches, parents, and supporters about their mental health and the health of others. MindRight aims to provide information about available local resources, and help players make connections with the services they might need. MindRight will work within the community to help reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness.

"Myles continues to do an incredible job in raising mental health awareness in a way that resonates with young athletes," said Harrison Brown, CEO of HeadCheck Health. "We're happy to provide our platform to support his initiative and make more resources available to athletes and their support network."

HeadCheck Health develops software and services for the advancement of concussion reporting and management. For proactive organizations and individuals, HeadCheck streamlines existing practices to improve critical communication and reduce the risk of injury mismanagement. For youth sports, the company continues to develop new tools and initiatives to reduce the burden on volunteers and make it easy to report suspected concussions during an emotionally charged incident. These tools will help to maximize the chance that athletes receive optimal care.

To learn more about how MindRight and HeadCheck work together to reinforce the importance of early recognition of concussion and early intervention when dealing with mental health challenges visit http://www.headcheckhealth.com/mindright

About MindRight for Athletes Society

MindRight focuses on helping promote wellness and positive living for young people through increasing community awareness and making use of existing mental health resources. We want to encourage young people to be open and engage in Peer to peer conversation. We want to support, connect, and build ties with young people using hockey as a medium while creating a movement that makes mental health relatable and accessible. To learn more visit: http://www.mindright.info

About HeadCheck Health, Inc.

HeadCheck delivers software and services to advance concussion reporting and management at all levels of sport. HeadCheck is an end-to-end solution for proactive sports leagues and organizations that works with existing concussion protocols to help reduce risk, ensure compliance, and elevate safety standards. Over 800 teams and organizations, including the Canadian Football League, the Canadian Junior Hockey League, BC Hockey, the Alberta Female Hockey League, Trek Factory Racing, Rugby Ontario, and Volleyball Canada rely on HeadCheck. To learn more visit http://www.headcheckhealth.com

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AFHL all-in on concussion safety with HeadCheck Health

RED DEER - The Alberta Female Hockey League (AFHL) today announced a new agreement with HeadCheck Health, Inc. (HeadCheck) to supply all teams with mobile and web-based technology to follow the league’s concussion protocol and record and share vital information on suspected concussions with medical professionals.

“We’re very pleased to be teaming up with HeadCheck to help solve some of our biggest challenges in concussion safety,” said Kendall Newell, Manager of the AFHL. “Their tech simplifies what’s normally a complicated process and provides our medical professionals with the information they want to make the most informed decisions possible on the welfare of our players.”

“It shows an incredible commitment to player safety on the part of the AFHL to kick off this agreement by bringing all three levels of play onto HeadCheck,” said Harrison Brown, CEO of HeadCheck Health, Inc. “This is just the first step in providing the league with unparalleled visibility into exactly where they can best allocate resources for concussion safety.”

As part of the agreement, all Bantam Elite, Midget Elite, and Midget AAA teams will be able to use HeadCheck beginning with the upcoming season. Team trainers, athletic therapists, and safety personnel can use HeadCheck’s mobile app to document suspected concussions, perform concussion assessments per what is appropriate for their qualifications and transfer the information collected to medical professionals and partner clinics to safely return players to the ice. The platform allows a player’s concussion history to transfer with them from team-to-team or level-to-level for more informed care.

Additionally, HeadCheck is customized to the league’s concussion protocol and provides administrators governance tools and the ability to monitor compliance in real-time. Where needed, HeadCheck will supply teams within the league with contracted athletic therapists to support team staff. HeadCheck is a secure system that meets all top line health privacy standards in Canada and the United States.

About HeadCheck Health, Inc.
HeadCheck is an innovative mobile and web-based platform that gives medical and non-medical personnel the appropriate tools to follow any concussion protocol, integrates all individuals involved in concussion care, and allows the data collected to be analyzed for health and safety improvements. Hundreds of teams across the world from minor through professional sports have adopted the HeadCheck platform including: the CFL, CJHL, BC Hockey, Trek Factory Racing, Volleyball Canada, UBC Athletics, BC Rugby, Eastern Washington University, Rugby Ontario, Western Lacrosse Association, Rugby Quebec, and more. For more information visit https://www.headcheckhealth.com

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Canadian Football League Implements New Player Health and Safety Measures with HeadCheck Health

All teams will utilize a digital concussion platform to execute and monitor the effectiveness of the league’s concussion protocol

TORONTO (July 17, 2019) – The Canadian Football League (CFL) today announced a new partnership with Vancouver-based HeadCheck Health, Inc. (HeadCheck) to bring all teams onto an innovative digital concussion platform. HeadCheck’s mobile and web-based technology will equip team medical staff with the tools to more easily execute the CFL’s concussion protocol and enable the league to monitor the effectiveness of the protocol in real-time.

“We’re delighted to partner with HeadCheck as part of our ongoing commitment to player health and safety,” said Kevin McDonald, the CFL’s Vice-President of Football Operations and Player Safety. “Their application streamlines our record keeping and that’s an important element of consistent and comprehensive care. Our medical and training staff are second to none. Providing them with the best tools helps to ensure that we can deliver the very best to our world class athletes.”

The partnership will see all nine CFL teams use the HeadCheck digital platform from a phone, tablet, or computer to execute baseline, sideline, and post-injury concussion assessments as per the CFL’s concussion protocol. To improve informed data-driven decision making, team medical staff will have access to their player’s concussion history and utilize comparable data when performing sideline or post-injury concussion assessments. The use of a digital platform will make it easier for concussion records to follow players from team-to-team and for aggregate data to be analyzed for identifying player safety improvements.

“As a home-grown Canadian company that started out of the research lab with University Football players, we couldn’t be happier to be working with the top football brand in our country,” said Harrison Brown, CEO of HeadCheck Health, Inc. “We’re excited to build a long-term relationship with the league and showcase at the biggest stage our ability to make a difference in player safety.”

The digital platform, training, and support will be provided in both French and English languages and will meet all top line health and safety privacy standards in Canada and the United States. In addition to the platform, HeadCheck will also provide de-identified aggregate data with reporting on testing activity, concussion activity, and insights into any areas for potential player safety improvements surrounding protocol effectiveness. The company also provided technology training and on-site support at CFL training camps to ensure the successful collection of all baseline data through the platform.

About HeadCheck Health, Inc.
HeadCheck is an innovative mobile and web-based platform that gives medical and non-medical personnel the appropriate tools to follow any concussion protocol, integrates all individuals involved in concussion care, and allows the data collected to be analyzed for health and safety improvements. Hundreds of teams across the world from minor through professional sports have adopted the HeadCheck platform including: the CFL, CJHL, BC Hockey, Trek Factory Racing, Volleyball Canada, UBC Athletics, BC Rugby, Eastern Washington University, Rugby Ontario, Western Lacrosse Association, Rugby Quebec, and more. For more information visit https://www.headcheckhealth.com


Lucas Barrett
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Canadian Football League 
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Kari Kylo
HeadCheck Health
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Volleyball Canada becomes first national program to adopt HeadCheck concussion protocol platform

Volleyball Canada becomes first national program to adopt HeadCheck concussion protocol platform

New partnership with HeadCheck Health aims to advance player safety standards across all programs

May 28, 2019 – Volleyball Canada is proud to announce a new partnership with HeadCheck Health, Inc. to bring all national team programs onto an innovative concussion protocol platform. The mobile and web-based technology gives team medical staff tools for following protocols, integrates all those involved in a player’s concussion, and allows the data collected to be analyzed for potential player safety improvements.

"Concussions are a major concern in sport these days and volleyball is no exception. As a national sport organisation, it is important that we are leading in best practices when it comes to the health and safety of our players," said Kerry MacDonald, Director of Sport Science, Sport Medicine & Innovation at Volleyball Canada. "And this partnership with HeadCheck ensures we’re at the forefront of player safety when it relates to concussion."

The partnership will see the Canadian women’s and men’s national indoor, beach and sitting teams use HeadCheck with the platform customized to Volleyball Canada’s concussion protocol. Team medical staff have been trained how to use HeadCheck’s mobile app for baseline and post-injury concussion assessments and have access to comparable data to assist in their clinical judgment. All information collected will be made instantly available to medical professionals to facilitate more informed care programs for the players. Additionally, HeadCheck will regularly provide reporting and meet with Volleyball Canada to review protocols and identify areas for player health and safety improvements.

"We are extremely excited by the opportunity to partner with a national program like Volleyball Canada and show what’s possible when an entire program adopts HeadCheck,” said Harrison Brown, CEO of HeadCheck Health. "We are hopeful this will lead to a wide scale adoption across the country and raise the standard for concussion care at all levels of the sport."

Research that was conducted by Volleyball Canada and presented at the 5th international conference on concussion in sport has shown that over 7% of youth volleyball players sustain a concussion over the course of one season.  57.1% of concussions in volleyball occur from a player getting struck in the head by a ball, while 46.5% of concussions occur during practice. In addition to games and tournaments, Volleyball Canada medical staff will have HeadCheck available on their mobile devices during practices to help log all suspected concussion events.

About Volleyball Canada
Volleyball Canada is the National Sport Organization for volleyball, and has approximately 77,000 registered participants. Volleyball Canada fosters the growth and development of the sport in Canada, and oversees the national programs for indoor, beach and sitting volleyball.  For more information, see www.volleyball.ca

About HeadCheck Health, Inc.
HeadCheck has developed innovative software and services for sports organizations, teams, clinics, and individual practitioners to improve their concussion identification, assessment and management capabilities. The software can be customized to fit the requirements of any concussion policy or protocol. Over 400 teams and organizations deploy HeadCheck as their primary tool for concussion management, including the CJHL, BC Hockey, UBC, Edmonton Oil Kings, BC Rugby, Eastern Washington University, Rugby Ontario, Trek Factory Racing, Shawnigan Lake School, Rugby Quebec and more. For more information visit https://www.headcheckhealth.com

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Jackie Skender jskender@volleyball.ca
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Volleyball Canada devient le premier programme national à adopter la plateforme de gestion des commotions cérébrales HeadCheck 

Le nouveau partenariat avec HeadCheck Health vise à améliorer les normes de sécurité pour les joueurs dans tous les programmes.

Volleyball Canada est fière d’annoncer un nouveau partenariat avec HeadCheck Health, Inc. qui permettra à tous les programmes de l’équipe nationale d’accéder à une plateforme novatrice en ce qui concerne les protocoles de soins dans les cas de commotion cérébrale. La technologie mobile et basée sur Internet offre au personnel médical les outils nécessaires pour suivre des protocoles, intégrer toutes les personnes impliquées dans la gestion des commotions cérébrales chez un joueur et permettre la collecte des données à analyser pour améliorer la sécurité des joueurs.

« Les commotions constituent une préoccupation majeure dans le sport ces jours-ci, et le volleyball ne fait pas exception à la règle. À titre d’organisme national de sport, il est important pour nous d’être un chef de file en matière de pratiques exemplaires lorsqu’il s’agit de la santé et de la sécurité de nos joueurs », déclare Kerry MacDonald, directeur, Science et médecine du sport et Innovation de Volleyball Canada. Et ce partenariat avec HeadCheck nous placera à l’avant-garde de la sécurité des joueurs en ce qui concerne les commotions cérébrales. »

Ce partenariat verra les équipes canadiennes féminines et masculines de volleyball intérieur, de volleyball de plage et de volleyball assis utiliser la plateforme HeadCheck adaptée aux protocoles de gestion des commotions cérébrales de Volleyball Canada. Le personnel médical de l’équipe a été formé à l’utilisation de l’application mobile de HeadCheck pour l’évaluation initiale des commotions, ainsi que l’évaluation après une blessure et aura accès à des données comparables pour l’aider dans son jugement clinique. Toute l’information collectée sera mise immédiatement à la disposition des professionnels de la santé afin de favoriser l’élaboration de programmes de soins beaucoup plus informés pour les joueurs. De plus, HeadCheck communiquera régulièrement des rapports à Volleyball Canada en plus de participer à des rencontres avec l’organisation pour passer en revue les protocoles et déterminer les éléments à améliorer en ce qui a trait à la santé et la sécurité des joueurs.

« Nous sommes ravis de l’occasion qui nous est offerte de travailler en partenariat avec un programme national comme Volleyball Canada et de montrer ce qu’il est possible de réaliser lorsqu’un programme adopte HeadCheck », ajoute Harrison Brown, chef de la direction de HeadCheck Health. « Nous espérons que ce partenariat débouchera sur une adoption à grande échelle de la plateforme, partout au pays, et contribuera à élever les normes en matière de traitement des commotions cérébrales à tous les niveaux du sport. »

La recherche qui a été menée par Volleyball Canada et présentée à la 5e conférence internationale sur les commotions cérébrales dans le sport a démontré que plus de 7 % de jeunes joueurs de volleyball subissaient une commotion au cours d’une saison. Dans le volleyball, 57,1 % des commotions sont causées lorsque le ballon frappe les joueurs à la tête, tandis que 46,5 % des concussions surviennent pendant les entraînements. En plus des matchs et des tournois, les membres du personnel médical de Volleyball Canada auront accès à HeadCheck sur leurs appareils mobiles pendant les pratiques afin d’aider à enregistrer tous les cas suspectés de commotion cérébrale.

À propos de Volleyball Canada
Volleyball Canada est l’organisme national de sport responsable du volleyball avec environ 77 000 participants inscrits. Volleyball Canada sou tient la croissance et le développement du sport au Canada et supervise les programmes nationaux de volleyball intérieur, de volleyball de plage et de volleyball assis. Pour de plus amples renseignements, consultez www.volleyball.ca

À propos de HeadCheck Health, Inc.
HeadCheck a développé un logiciel et des services novateurs pour les organismes de sport, les équipes, les cliniques et les praticiens pour les aider à améliorer leurs capacités en matière d’identification, d’évaluation et de gestion des commotions cérébrales. Le logiciel peut être adapté pour répondre aux exigences de toute politique et de tout protocole.  Plus de 400 équipes et organisations ont fait le choix de HeadCheck en tant que principal outil de gestion des commotions cérébrales, y compris la CJHL, BC Hockey, l’UBC, les Oil Kings d’Edmonton, BC Rugby, l’Université Eastern Washington, Rugby Ontario, Trek Factory Racing, la Shawnigan Lake School, Rugby Québec pour ne citer que ceux-là. Pour plus d’information, visitez le https://www.headcheckhealth.com

Personne-ressource pour les médias :
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Volleyball Canada
Jackie Skender
Cell. : 613-794-7676

HeadCheck Health named a Digital Health Emerging Rocket

March 3, 2017 - HeadCheck Health is proud to be among the companies selected for the 2017 Emerging Rocket Digital Health List. The 15th annual "Ready To Rocket" lists profile top private British Columbia companies positioned to capitalize on growth in their technology sector. The lists are compiled after many months of careful sector and company analysis.


“We identify companies that have both innovative technology and are uniquely positioned to provide a compelling solution. Our analysis of the market and the company progress led to our selection of HeadCheck Health as an Emerging Rocket Digital Health company.” said Geoffrey Hansen, Managing Partner, Rocket Builders.


HeadCheck Health Inc. is a Canadian company that has created a reliable and objective sideline concussion testing and management application for sports teams. HeadCheck is backed by evidence-based science and uses gold-standard tests that assess concussion indicators such as symptoms, balance and cognitive function. It is the most comprehensive, and easiest to use concussion assessment tool available. Contact us for more information.


About Ready to Rocket
Ready to Rocket is a unique business recognition list that profiles technology companies with the greatest potential for growth. Each year, based on analysis of trends, Rocket Builders identifies the top private companies that are best positioned to capitalize on these trends to achieve growth. This selection methodology has been an accurate predictor of investment and business success with past "Ready to Rocket" companies.


About HeadCheck Health
The HeadCheck app runs pre-season and post-injury concussion assessments at the sideline of sporting events. Backed by evidence-based science, the app tracks athletes' overall concussion health, and provides instant comparisons to past test performances. The mobile app is based off of the gold standard Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 3 (SCAT3), but is quicker to use than traditional paper assessments as it is digital and can be run from any location within minutes. HeadCheck measures a number of key identifiers of a concussion–including symptoms, balance and neurocognitive function. This allows medical professionals such as athletic trainers and doctors to make informed sideline decisions, reducing the mismanagement of athletes who are unfit to return to play. All data is time-stamped and securely stored for convenient 24/7 access. The data can follow the athlete to all future sports, providing a picture of risk management through historical data and trend analytics. HeadCheck Health App Demonstration. HeadCheck is the most comprehensive, easy to use concussion assessment tool at the most affordable price.