How A Digital Solution Improves Concussion Management

Concussion management is an issue at the forefront of all competitive sports leagues, teams, and organizations. Addressing the issue begins with having a concussion protocol in place that establishes guidelines for concussion diagnosis and management. While the specifics of a concussion protocol may vary quite a bit depending on the sport, the organization, and the resources available, the goal should always be to ensure athletes who exhibit the signs and symptoms of a concussion are removed from play and are guided back to a safe return to learn or play.

It might sound straightforward on paper, but successful concussion management often involves many individuals inside and outside an organization including administrators, coaches, athletic trainers or therapists, safety officers, risk managers, physicians, clinicians, parents, and athletes. There are several areas where implementing a digital solution can improve the concussion management within an organization.

Improves Testing Procedures: The usage of software, such as a mobile app, can improve the efficiency and accuracy of testing. It also eliminates the need for manual data entry into a system later. All test information can be digitally time-stamped and recorded on an athlete’s profile. Built-in features such as timers and counters on the app create more reliable results and are recommended by research.

Fits Your Requirements: A large organization such as a university or association will often have different requirements for different sports or levels of play. Requirements can also change from sport to sport.  Using a flexible platform will support whichever tests your concussion protocol requires.

Enables Data-Driven Decisions: Digital solutions that store an athlete’s concussion test history provides qualified medical professionals with more information to make key decisions based on evidence. For example, if an athlete has a baseline assessment in their test history, an instant comparison of post-injury and baseline could be shown to highlight any deviations.

Digitizes Documentation: Paper-based tests are often misplaced, lost or completed with no proof when they were conducted or by whom. Further, the storage of this information should meet Health Privacy standards, but the standards are hard to implement and protect. Having test information recorded in one secure, centralized digital system serves to protects the athlete and the organization.

Simplifies Flow of Information: A digital system allows the appropriate individuals in the athlete’s circle of care to have authorized access to information they need to give the best care possible. To improve concussion care, test results should follow the athlete wherever needed. This means from sport to sport, sport to clinic, sport to doctor, and doctor to sport.

Scales to Your Organization: The best digital solutions serve the small and the large organizations. With larger organizations, there are more athletes that need to be tested and more people who are involved in the testing process. A digital solution enables quick survey and patient(athlete) management process for organizations with hundreds of athletes letting you identify the gaps in service you provide. Plus, with so many people involved, it is natural to have turnover and so having a digital platform in place can ease the transition process.

Reduces Risk: A digital solution can make it simple to see who is concussed, who still needs baselines assessments, and who requires medical clearance. It’s vital that athletes are not allowed to return-to-play before they have received the proper medical clearance.

Enhances Protocol: Finally, one of the greatest benefits of a digital solution is the ability to make use of data analytics tools specific to your organization. Analytics allow administrators to see areas where they might be able to improve testing procedures or athlete health and safety standards.

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BC Rugby partners with HeadCheck Health to advance current concussion testing procedures with a digital platform

VANCOUVER – BC Rugby is proud to announce a new partnership with HeadCheck Health Inc. (‘HeadCheck’) to implement an innovative digital concussion testing platform for BC Rugby’s Sevens and XVs Representative Teams.

HeadCheck is a concussion testing platform that enhances the way any sports organization manages their concussion policy. The platform’s mobile testing app includes the policy’s concussion tests and leads to faster and more data-driven assessments. An enhanced web dashboard allows for easier and more thorough management of the concussion data collected. The company provides custom reporting to help organizations continuously improve their concussion management policies and procedures

“Player Welfare is BC Rugby’s number one priority and after an initial trial with our sevens programs earlier this year, BC Rugby is extremely excited to partner with HeadCheck Health,” said Dean Murten, Senior Manager, Growth & Development for BC Rugby.

Chair of BC Rugby’s Player Welfare Committee, Monique Charbonneau stated; “BC Rugby aims to lead in continuous advancements to our concussion injury management policies and procedures. Baseline and post-concussion testing is a critical component within our concussion management process. Implementing HeadCheck improves the efficiency of testing for BC Rugby’s Team therapists and gives them the convenience to perform testing on their phones or tablets.”

“Our partnership with BC Rugby will help provincial athletes receive an elevated standard of concussion care,” said Harrison Brown, Co-Founder and CEO of HeadCheck Health. “We are excited to offer our support to all levels of rugby.”

In addition to supplying BC Rugby with the HeadCheck technology, the company will also provide full training, onboarding, and data management support to the organization.

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Kari Kylo

How HeadCheck Implemented a League-Wide Concussion Testing System

Onboarding the British Columbia Hockey League in Four Days


When HeadCheck Health partnered with the British Columbia Hockey League (BCHL) to implement our concussion testing system for the entire league, we knew the challenge would be great but not insurmountable. The BCHL is one of the most scouted and skilled Junior A hockey leagues in Canada with 17 teams and just under 400 athletes. The teams being spread across 945 km² presented a logistical challenge for our task of completing in-person training for each team athletic therapist and supporting them through the initial baseline testing of each player in the league.

We announced our partnership in August and within a week had a plan mapped out for how we were going to get the league up and running. Together with the League executives, we selected five days in September which would have all 17 teams in one city – during the Bauer BCHL Showcase. Shortly after the announcement, we connected with coaches and trainers to confirm the designated training and testing time. Prior to the Showcase, interested AT’s were invited to book an hour with our customer success team to get comfortable with our technology.

"The onboarding process was extremely smooth and efficient. The HeadCheck team worked with each of our teams’ trainers to ensure proper training and implementation. They remain in close contact with our teams and always available to assist directly. Overall I am very pleased with the level of service and support provided.” – Trevor Alto, BCHL Executive Director

Fortunately, the league has some incredibly diligent AT’s who work incredibly hard, long hours, traveling with the team and nurturing the athletes back to health when sick or injured. The season starts early for them – in August with organizing their equipment, stocking their medkits and getting to know their players. It was around this time that the BCHL announced they were moving forward with HeadCheck and in only a week we had meetings booked with those eager to get started.


By the time the BCHL Showcase rolled around, we had a detailed plan of attack and a team of four who were tasked with the training and testing for each team. Thanks to the excellent organization of the league, we knew exactly which teams would be in which locker rooms and confirmed with each team where and when we would meet them. Training for teams took about fifteen minutes and testing for each team took between 45-60 minutes depending on how many players and trainers were available for testing. Within four days, we had all athletes tested except for roughly 10 athletes who had not traveled to the Showcase with their team.

We were fortunate that the Athletic Therapists, Coaches, Governors, Owners and League Executives supporting these athletes collectively understood how we could ease some of the pains they faced in executing the league’s concussion testing protocol. By implementing the HeadCheck system, the BCHL now has a standardized concussion testing system for the entire league. Every team is now conducting testing the same way, using the same technology leading to improved player health and safety. When a player moves from team-to-team, their concussion history is transferred with them in the system so the new team can make more informed decisions if another concussion occurs. On a high-level, this type of data collection allows the HeadCheck team to run data analysis and provide the league with actionable insights that can improve safety standards across the league.

Overall, we were pleased that the onboarding process was done efficiently and effectively. We continue to work in partnership with the league to solve any issues and our customer success team is on call for 24/7 support. Onboarding a league of this size proved to be a valuable experience for our team and helps us to provide these services to new leagues that adopt the HeadCheck concussion testing system.

For more information on how HeadCheck can help implement our concussion testing system for your league, team or organization, please fill out the form here and we’ll be in touch!