Welcome to the HeadCheck support page! The HeadCheck app is a simple tool for sideline concussion identification. With the HeadCheck app, you can track athlete concussion health, run pre-season tests and sideline assessments and look at historical tests and see progress. The HeadCheck app is a complete concussion management and identification system. 

On this page, you’ll find information from sample profiles to FAQ’s for beginners. Let’s get started!




The HeadCheck ‘How-To’ guide

New to the app? Review the HeadCheck “How-To” guide, a beautiful PDF document which we crafted just for you. Feel free to print yourself a copy, or simply save it to your computer, tablet or mobile device for safe keeping.






Helpful Video Support

How HeadCheck Works.

HeadCheck, an app for sports medical professionals, helps identify symptoms and signs of concussion so that players at risk don’t go back into sport too soon.

How to create a HeadCheck account.

Register for a trial account – contact us for more information on how to get full access.

How to add an athlete.

Adding an athlete into the app is a simple 3-step process.

How to add a team.

Adding a team into the app is a simple process.

How to view test results.

Review athlete test results and compare the scores to pre-season results immediately.

How to save a quick test for an athlete.

Sometimes you need to collect the information as soon as possible. That’s why we developed the quick test access button. Save the administration until after the test data has been completed.





Remote Support





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